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  1. beamers have the downside they go broken quite often, especially the lamps inside, and they are very expensive. My hint is, check lamp repair costs first. Not you get surprised afterwards. I'd love to play Resident Evil on realsize once, or maybe Silent Hill. One day, i will get a beamer too i hope
  2. hmm you want to buy an HDTV ? No clue about those, i have a normal TV, cause i want lightgun support.
  3. I have looked under my pillow, but i couldnt find the sense of it. What would you need macros to controll a gameing console for ?
  4. Well, Quality will be quite ugly. But its not the graphics card that sucks, its the TV. A TV cant do these high resolutions you are used to from a Monitor. Text will also be very blurry and you may have to use a bigger font. I have some comp hooked to my TV on a FX5200 which i use for emulation only. Its ok for N64/SNES, Genesis, Amiga and stuff, but you cannot work with it. Too blurry. But its ok to pick your game and fire the emu, then switch to fullscreen and you are set. Try to get a decent pad, like the logitech wingman cordless.
  5. I had lost bookmarks as i tend to forget to backup them prior formatting my HDD. I use http://sitebar.org/ now. Stores your bookmarks on a webserver.
  6. yes, make sure you have set your pad connected to port 2 in WinUAE or it wont work. I use lemonade frontend and need to hit F12 and set it for each game i start.
  7. I miss innovative new game concepts. In 8 and 16 Bit times, the developers tried something new now and then. Ecco the Dolphin for example, a totally different game concept, realised in a beautiful way made the game popular. Another world is another example. Lemmings. And so on. Today its all about first person shooters and realtime strategy. Maybe some (online) RPG now and then. Thats all there is to play today. No company dares to try something new.
  8. Ya, the ModChip only works on the 2nd Saturn version. I know, cause i bought some ModChip, and found out later it wont work in my Saturn Modell. Anyway, there is a cheaper way to play copied games on the Saturn without a Modchip. Here is how: Open your Saturn and tape the CD-case-open-detector (made short here. Instructions out there) Then do the Swap trick. Put in your CD copy when powering Saturn on. Saturn checks boot sector. Saturn moves laser to CDs outside. CD will turn slower at this point. You pop your copy out and put some Saturn original in. Saturn checks copy protection on original. Wont notice, cause you taped the CD-open-sensor so the Saturn doesnt recognise when you have the CD tray open. When copy protection on original game succeeded, Saturn will try to load the game. Laser will move back to th inner CD area. At this point you replace the Original with your backup again. Backups boots - you are pleased. If you figured the swap trick out, you dont need a modchip. And once you got used to it, its no big deal. Yes, the cd-drive-motor will die earlier, but well, dunno, the Satrun didnt kick me off my seat. In fact its the console i use the lessest/most less.
  9. oh man this sucks. I remember when Engine died. I didnt know him personally, but we talked on forums and stuff. He was famous in the german emu scene. He died of brain bleeding some night all of a sudden. Now he died of cancer. Im 31 myself. My condolences to his wife and family
  10. sucks. Im back to Yoshis Island then
  11. ANY language you code in IS compiled to binary/assembly, upon execution latest (.NET Framework compiles upon execution) as binary/assembly is the only stuff your comp can execute So debugging something is accessing at the binary level, therfore it returns assembly stuff.
  12. Good Idea or crap ? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Lets say its one of the possibilities to raise the acceptance of these implantable chips, like it is done in the USA for healthcare. Only thing is, you cant pay with em yet.
  13. First, there was RFID. Now there is NFC. We remember the bible, which states: He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no-one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. http://www.semiconductors.philips.com/news.../file_1193.html Just crap uh ? Read this: http://worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=38038
  14. Say, i got Yoshis Story at the fleamarket today. I paid 10 bucks for it in original box with manual. I popped it in, played it this afternoon, and that friggin game is over after just 6 levels ? Did i miss something ? This cant be
  15. Dont learn it. You dont really need it, unless you want to code emus for real.
  16. Expire randomly ? Strange, i have one for the Saturn and one for the Genesis and both still work till today.
  17. yes, sounds more like a faulty or loosen cable than some hardware defect.
  18. Hmm must be quite rare then. thx for the nfo
  19. I was wondering wether there was such thing for the N64 ? Didnt find one on ebay
  20. there is an easiy formula: MBit x 100 KB/sec download rate. So if you have a 1 MBit line like me, i get like 100 KB/sec upon downloading, when the server is fast enough. 2 MBit would be downloads at like 200 KB/sec and so on But beware, on ADSL, uploading things is usually slower than downloading. ISPs advertise with high download rates, but if you want to upload something its mostly like still on ISDN.
  21. Of what i read about the router after looking it up on google, it should work. If you can set the username/password and stuff for your internet,
  22. lol Nope, sure didnt. Each box in the cupboard/shelf holds 60 CDs. 3 boxes for DC, 3 for Saturn, 4 for PSX plus the other ones... Ofcourse many are plain crap, but I plan to play them within the next 10 years or so Then the Roms. Dunno. More games than one can play in one life. But i plan to try. Thats why i end with Dreamcast and dont consider newer stuff. Please note this is the effort of like 4 years!
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