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  1. has anyone gotten a tattoo on their ass..other than those people that have it allo over the place??....i wanna see it!!! LOL!!
  2. -giggles- yea i was gonna add in the idea that all these 3 chicks seem to be fake=D...hey there still pretty hotXD in my opinion... i think anyone would bang angelina jolie!!!!....brad's one lucky guy...i think they';re still together=D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I wouldnt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> ok maybe not EVERYONE but a lot of people...sorriez=X
  3. wow that just made me feel stupid!!!...lmao!!!
  4. well then i woudl like to know what kind of tattoos if anyone would anyone get here or if anyone already does have one... as for me i want an arm band above my elbow on my left hand but befor my shoulder...i dont want spikes but somewhat like thick thorns coming out from a thin span... another one i woudl like is on my back on the bottom..i wanna get two eyes and something saying like "'sleny's watching you" or something like that... well i have many years to think about it since my parents are surely to kill themselves before lettig me tatto myself...
  5. tisk tisk...i somewhat understood most of it bu hiostpry really isnt a great subject of mine...i know what its talking about and it was intresting..and i guess now i have finally seen how time can repeat itself... is that also somewhat the similarity between santa and jesus being born...how different events happened around the same time but on different years...
  6. fosters home for imgainary friend's theme song....o how i love cartoon network
  7. a little of both...mainly if im bored or i dont like the mess ill clean it up and be neat but then once again isnt there suppossed to be a mess to be neat?..idk..
  8. bored and looking throguh the lounge i foud this... so the best place ive been to is like my brother said ecuador...new york was also good but i have bad memories from there...so lets just say i love ecuador=D
  9. yea me and my brother just came back from the movies and we did infact see silent hill...anyways umm im not gonna give anything away i mean either way my brother would get mad cuz hell be all like "you dont know anything and you havent even played the game..." yea so if anything hell tell ya how it went or watnot=D
  10. that reminds me..today i had a total blonde moment...for a second i thought bunnies laid eggs...>.><.<...yea it was kinda stupid..but what does bunnies, eggs, and candy have anything to do with jesus' resurection...shows how well i dont know easter!!!
  11. no id surely wanna hear what the pope has to say=D i can quench in knowledge of my religion!!=D..lol
  12. 14 year old...drink!!!-gasp-...meh whose gonna supply me?...
  13. Don't be. Spamming makes you strong!!! Spamming is good for your health. Just remember: a post that has a purpose is not spam. Therefore, this post is not a spam, since it has a purpose: encouraging you to spam more! Just please wait until you reach 100 posts and spam in the spam forum... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i got 46 posts...i guess mainly because i only post on subjects i know some of..as in religion...or news...but as for the whole gaming thing which is the real reason why soemone should be here...i guess...i barely know..the little things i do..or have thoughts on are onyl because of ym problem...once again im sad
  14. tisk tisk....hey he said happy easter in like 60 some or 70 some languages...i didnt even kno that many existed... no i didnt get a cookie..but i woulda gotten knowldegde if only id woken up earlier to see the actual mass...well actually tured the tv on earlier...i woulda barely understood it though..in order for me to undertsand something i have to read tha cpations which they were not given...='(...im sad yes
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