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  1. Yes, im aware that the audience for such a tool is rather limited, compared to an emulator playing games. So no problem
  2. Oh, i never thought about someone not knowing what SIDs are SIDs are like MODs. Means, ripped music files. MODs are Amiga Music files, SIDs are C64 music files. The people at http://hvsc.c64.org collected like 32.000 SID files so far. The C64 is still famous for its sound capabilities, people still love the tunes that were made on the C64 then. Some even remix them nowadays, see http://remix.kwed.org Now there are a few SID (name of the C64 Sound Interface Device) emulators out there that play SID-files quite well, but most have a crappy interface and lack certain features. SIDTool tries to fill that gap, bringing an intuitive frontend for common SID emulators under one easy interface. ATM im trying to fix the bugs other people encounter, which i cannot reproduce for some strange reasons here. But im on it
  3. http://www.freewebs.com/erikgg/
  4. Updates to 0.9.0 (17.01.07): ‘Added advanced search to search the SID Header info ‘Added PlayList sorting ‘Now using TinySID 0.996 Final ‘SIDPlay2/W default again for subsong support http://sidtool.drool.de/
  5. Well, though obvisiously noone cares about it here, Sidtool is now the first to support Vice CL sidplayer. Its supposed to be the most accurate sidplayer up to date. Quite a bunch of improvements have been added over the past days. Current Version is 0.8.5
  6. The peeps on aep had it first, but we are close: GBXM is released under the GPL. http://sourceforge.net/projects/gbxm/
  7. Amstrad CPC Emulator for DOS, DPMI and WIN32 http://cpce.emuunlim.com/
  8. SIDTool 0.7 Beta has been released. Updates as follows: * Rearranged GUI to make window smaller * Click on stop now disables continuous play * Doubleclicking a SID restarts song * STRG+C to copy full path to Clipboard (upon HVSC Administration request) * Added some SID header info * Made PlayList hideable * Added clocklike display for playing time * Auto use sidplay2 for RSID files * Switched to sidplay2/w for better sound * Uses TinySID 0.966 Final now * Integrated search function http://sidtool.drool.de
  9. Windows build is available. - Fixed s3accel patch - Changed ctrl-alt-f10 to ctrl-alt-f9 (menu) for windows vista - Disables menu bar during paused/keymapper - Added the following patches: * Change the timer hack to stick to the correct time (hal) * IO Delay fix (hal) This feature will be disabled while maximizing cycles. * Fix start discrepancy (20sec) between DOS clock and RTC (hal) * Fixed opening files in READWRITE mode on cdroms (xtale) - Fixed some minor bugs. http://ykhwong.x-y.net/cvs/frame.html
  10. Hello folks !! I worked on some Sidplay2 frontend this week. I want to release it to everyone interested, but i would like to have someone check it out first. So, if you like SID music as much as we do, and would like to help me out, please PM me!! - Easy (?) single Click interface - Uses the famous sidplay2 engine for playback (Shell calls for now, may do .dll based later) - Easy access to all the files in HVSC - Playlist support to play your favorite songs - Continously play all songs in HVSC (with subsongs optional) - Support for Songlengths database that comes with HVSC
  11. oh yeah i didnt read that modchip thingy. you sure need a modchip to play the games you burned.
  12. Man Nintendo sure is stupid for this one. And i guess that is only the beginning. Reminds me of http://www.xbox-linux.org/wiki/17_Mistakes...Security_System
  13. You can burn any ISO found out there on a mini dvd using any dvd-burner.
  14. d'oh the PSX has quite a lot of great games. The Arc the Lad series for example. RPGing as its best of what i have seen of it so far. There is also the Final Fantasy series for it ofcoz. And Lunar. Legend of Mana, Kartia, Dragoon etc. Suikoden. And even more. In fact its a great console for RPG fans. Sadly, i am not
  15. irc://irc.esper.net/gamedev But as usual on irc everyone is idle...
  16. Some game. You had to reach the top of a tower with your sprite. Tower circled, somewhat like icytower. Anyone knows the game name ?!
  17. ok so i thought about this a while. Qoob Pro is 40 Euro atm. Price dropped a few days ago. Yet i need a BBA to make backups with the woob pro. The BBA costs some euros too. The Viper Extreme is 50 Euro. I need no BBA. So the Viper Extreme is cheaper in the end, considered i want to make backups of my games. But i have 2 questions left: I read the Qoob supports direct boot ? Do i need to swap discs with the Viper Extreme ? Didnt find any info about this. Can i stream ISOs to the GC with the Viper Extreme over USB as i would be able to stream em with the BBA and the qoob ? Or is USB too slow ?
  18. Madman

    The Last Option

    Yaya the question every siteowner asks himself one time.Dont spend all the time on working on the site.Take some more time to chill. When did you actually play a game the last time ? I think the site eats up your time and you lost focus on the fun of playing games. At least it what happened to me.On the other hand, you have taken this site to where it could be taken.You cant achieve much more with a website like this.You build a community. You found friends. You earned respect.But that is all you can achieve with your work, so take a break and chill - If you can
  19. You are right, you need to mount the drive into some directory. Has been a while till i used Linux, i think its something like mount /dev/hd0 You can read about it, enter man mount on the console. All parameters and info will be displayed. You can then access the drive as usual. Unless its formatted in NTFS, im not sure wether Linux can write NTFS partitions by now.
  20. Whats the prob ? Got no ebay account ? You can buy it yourselves. I never met any seller not willing to ship overseas if you take the costs. I shipped some Saturn games to the US and bought some stuff from the US and UK myself, its no big deal.
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