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  1. ok there are 2 versions of the game //edit: Links removed I give you both just in case. On the graal 1.3 i can give you some hints usercount: 00477DB6 (000771B6) CRC ckeck: 00449150 (00048550) Give it a try If you have any Qs ICQ me or AIM me or YIM me 9940181 ICQ madtheman AIM mad_the_man YIM Some quick instructions: Start the gserver.exe, add some accounts (9+ preferably, i suggest use username/password 1/1, 2/2, 3/3...) then launch the graalXXX.exe 8 times and connect to the gserver once with each account. 9th person gets disconnected. And thats what takes the fun out of it.
  2. I posted on our forums and emsley named you as someone who might know how to disassemble a proggy and remove a connection limit from a freeware server proggy ? Its no warez stuff as the prog is/was freeware. Its an early version of what now is a play2pay online game. It has CRC ceck too. Would pay some bucks if you can do. A lot of people would be gratefull.
  3. Hello peoples !! For those who dont know me: Im the webmaster from romuniverse.com Refering to eMsLeY, i seek contact with a guy named cinder here. I did not find any posts nor a user with this name here that i could PM him, so i try this way. Cinder, if you read this please PM me or mail me (admin@romuniverse.com) If you need further info, eMsLeY can give you some hints Thank you Madman
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