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  1. Emulator + fraps doesn't prove you're using a keyboard. Official documents all state Raising Storm. That is the name of Geese's move, whether it's a stupid official romanisation or not. The original is レイジングストーム, reijingusutoomu, and was re-romanised differently for Rock.
  2. I'd say just prove in Fatal Fury Special, but then how would you do that? And did you actually just go to Wikipedia to check that? Lol- it is Raising Storm. Ask anyone who knows these things and they'll tell you that.
  3. Indexes are generated by and used for searching applications. You installed any? Microsoft, Yahoo and Google all have their own desktop search things- likely one of these is the cause.
  4. I refuse to believe you can do a Raising Storm on a keyboard consistently enough for it to be useful. I am talking about the real Raising Storm btw, and not the pissy Real Bout version. And yes, it is 'Raising Storm' not Raging Storm.
  5. Sonic and The Black Knight? What's all this then? I feel verily confused by this for a number of reasons.. looks like we'll have to wait for next month's Nintendo Power for the answers. PS- Let me just add that a title like this being exclusively on the Wii saddens me to no end. Not 'cause I actually want to play it or anything silly like that. Source: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p...amp;postcount=1
  6. They still make PS2 games. It still gets its share of the multiplatformers and Persona 4 just came out. Starcraft II likely won't use the latest PC tech either, just as examples. And there are still a million and one Korean MMOs to play that use archaic technology. Point is when you buy a next gen machine you're choosing to buy into the latest tech and latest graphics- you're not forced into it. And you have a right to be demanding about those things for that reason.
  7. People who shell out the same price should get the same product. And I hate anyone who comes to a gaming board with that 'it's all about the gameplay' attitude. Graphics matter, else how the hell do you justify the price of consoles, let alone that 1Gb GX2 that is always sold out when I turn up at MSY?
  8. But you pointed out the problem yourself- how the hell can you do a 360 on a keyboard? Or a 720? Or what about supers like Guile's or Vega's where you have to go DB, DF, DB, UF? And there's no chance in hell you can pull off the Raising Storm on a keyboard. So yeh, I don't know why you'd prefer a keyboard for fighting games. I agree with Mondo and Wiz- keyboard's are crap for most games and I'd say to be 'hardcore' you'd have to have something better. To consider yourself a hardcore fighting gamer a stick is required really, PC or no.
  9. Rare owns the rights to Killer Instinct. Rare is now owned by Microsoft. Killer Instinct 3 on 360 = only a matter of time.
  10. I'm calling identical graphics. No noticeable differences.
  11. Boon scrapped the Gears of War-esque MK8 to focus on MKvDC. I stole this story because of the rather apt picture provided. The way he talks about a visual style really shows Boon doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. To reiterate my last post, flock Ed Boon. Source: http://kotaku.com/5026290/ed-boon-we-scrap...mortal-kombat-8
  12. Killer Instinct Red Alert 2 Mortal Kombat 2 3rd Strike
  13. Seth footage. Not much gameplay, but still. Source: http://www.capcom-unity.com/street_fighter...num=10&pg=1
  14. This discussion is dead. Closed.
  15. Nah. You're only allowed Microsoft signed content on the 360 HDD. That is save games, profiles and Live content. You can't transfer anything else and even if you wanted to transfer that stuff, you need to use an official memory unit and not a CD.
  16. Sony isn't happy though. They practically accused Microsoft of buying the port.
  17. But you are getting pirated / not original versions right? Thought you only bought an original of GTA, and were going to get the real Oblivion.
  18. No. There is no way Sony can really do that on the PSP. Apart from ditching a Chinese and Korean font, you're getting the everything there is.
  19. Haha I'm not on often. Probably will only log on once I've set up a match so lemme know some time when you're free- I'm heading out but yeh. Name's Ichorid4.
  20. Doesn't the PSP come with a 32Mb MS? Btw I think Crisis Core is garbage. In every respect Square has got away with themselves.
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