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  1. Thanks guys. Shame you cannot find copies LSD. I really want to do co-op with someone tonight. I've got that itch.
  2. Tekken is one of the few series that hasn't seen numbered entries ever ported to anything not PS branded. That's the only reason it won't come to the 360 and I'm thinking it's not a great reason at all atm.
  3. Can you not double post, pls? KoF characters are upscaled onto a higher res background and UI. They look blurry normally. It's not your configuration. Agozer already explained that part, too.
  4. I want to get those damned co-op achievements. If anyone feels like doing a run through of either Gears of War or Unreal Tournament 3, let me know. 360 versions btw and I don't mind which difficulty. My gamertag is Ichorid4.
  5. Just one shot of the castle when you start, and then one of the reversed castle coming out of the clouds after you kill / not kill Richter.
  6. The XBLA version is the original. It is a perfect port, cheesy lines intact. The only thing it is missing is 2 seconds of FMV of the castle. The PSP version is like a director's cut. It has rerecorded lines and art to bring it in line with the new port of Rondo. Maria is added, but is way too cheap. Overall not enough is added to gloss over the new glitches. I'd go with the XBLA version.
  7. There is a PS2 emulator called PCSX2. Google it. There are no commercial game-running PSP emulators.
  8. I don't mind joining but you guys will have to let me know when you're on and want to quest- I've played the D2 SP more times already than I care to remember.
  9. The raisins are produced from Geese's hakama. Geese: Sorry they didn't come in packages. Terry: That's OK. Geese: Want some cream? Terry: Err... no.
  10. I second the motion that FF games are far-overhyped. They go by the quantity over quality approach; IE pour obscene amounts of money into the production to make sure the game is long and has awesome FMVs, if little else. With the exception of FFVIII, the stories are pretty bad, and not counting VI, VII and X, are plain horrible. They are chores to wade through, broken up by random encounters and cheesy dialogue.
  11. Buying a NTSC-J region 360 is a bad idea. No games get released for it, even if the Live is supposedly cheaper over there.
  12. Batman Forever was a masterpiece compared to... Batman & Robin: Worst Movie Ever
  13. QTEs are good for games where the player might get bored but should rightly be staying on their toes. In a fighting game though, flock em. In fact, flock MKvDC. It clearly is just a gimmick gallery built on popular franchises. The term 'fighting game' is too good for this suckery.
  14. May or may not come to the 360. Don't get me wrong- if it does I'll be picking it up on release day.
  15. Just get SC4 next week and we should be good . I find MK Armageddon actually unpleasant to play, which is something I can't say about many fighting games. SC4 will be far and away better than this ugly pile.
  16. Yeh I already started a thread on it. Do a search, please.
  17. Are you now suggesting that in spite of what's official, you're going with what should make sense? In other words did you just concede I was right about this? We started off talking about Geese's move and not Rock's remember.
  18. I personally can't believe I just saw a movie with Harvey Dent, Sal Maroni, and a scene in court, and yet had Two-Face created a different way. I thought the setup with Dent being held hostage, being saved by Batman and then being burnt also pretty stupid.
  19. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Call of Duty 4 Samurai Warriors 2 Any EA game actually.
  20. Straight to the point- don't use Limewire.
  21. Impressive. Still looks uncomfortable to me, but you're probably used to it. Is there a reason you never got round to using a stick instead?
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