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  1. Is this the Kawaks dump? If so, I'm on it. :D Got any info on name or size etc.?
  2. Reckon this'll be easy like most new NeoGeo roms or a biatch like Kof2003?
  3. Mine was Genecyst... I wanted to play Wonderboy in Monster World. Damn I love that game.
  4. I've heard about the dumping a while ago too... I'd be intereted to get some links and loaders going like for Svc less than 2 weeks ago...
  5. Hey not that its a big problem... but all these M1 files for sound dun work (I've checked all on this thread). The latest one works for Demitri.. but Geese still doesn't shout 'Double ReppuKen'. Is this normal... because its the only sound that isnt right; the rest works perfectly?
  6. Anyone know where I can find any of these? I hear there are some floating around. I'd really like to play Svc with Fba. Thanks.
  7. They probably are reffering to the asr.dat file that comes with WKloader for Kawaks 1.46. In that case, open it up in note pad and change "SVC Plus (Bootleg)" to "Snk vs Capcom"
  8. Can Calice play those new NeoGeo roms? That's what I was after, really.
  9. Hi everyone, new to this board. I just wanted to know if there is a loader that can play rotd, mslug4, kof2002, and svcplus, preferably for Kawaks 1.47b, or FBA I've got the big-ass zips with all.bin files, and some loaders, like teh 1.45 one don't work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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