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  1. I'm free weekends and week evenings, which would be either late night if you're on the west coast or very early morning on the east. I'm actually interested in trying RA2 again- haven't played that in too long.
  2. The PS2 is the best system of all time. It wipes out the SNES easily. It's library is far too expansive for any previous system to compare, and, unless we get a clear dominant system in the future, things will likely stay that way. I think it is at the end of its life now, though. The only people still buying software for it are the Buzz and Singstar crowd. Remotely serious gamers have all traded up to something by now and even if they still play with their PS2 I don't think many would be buying many new games for it. As for multiplatform games, I don't know why you would be buying the PS2 versions. They have been gimped diluted next-gen games, ported only because the PS2 is still viable, for quite some years now. Sonic Unleashed and Force Unleashed will no doubt be uggly, choppy versions of their true next-gen selves. In that respect, I feel sorry for the poor PS2 owners who buy these versions not knowing any better.
  3. This game isn't generic. We haven't seen enough gameplay to tell for sure, but from the look of the rest of design, it doesn't spank of Doom's hallways, Quake's biomechanics, or Prey's alien crap. It looks like its got its own thing going. You should have phrased that post as 'I am sick of FPS games'.
  4. Not sure where you got that info from. By the time Carmack was programming the Doom engine id software was already fairly well off as a company because Commander Keen and Wolfenstein were fairly successful. But that is only a trivial matter. I'm not exactly sure what drives people to have these... You don't seem to be pretty sure of anything. And although the company had those previous titles, it was far from rich. That piece of trivia came from the Return to Castle Wolfenstein manual btw. Are you serious? I posted this video so that idiots like you would stop spouting absolute nonsense. Watch the video- even if the SPUs of the Cell were all utilised there are only very limited theoretical situations where the PS3 would come out on top. The GPU in the 360 is stronger, and the PS3's stupid RAM arrangement doesn't help. 2x to 4x as good? Now I have to wonder if maybe Mr. Carmack has something to learn from you. He obviously doesn't get it. The FF series is rubbish now and not anywhere the draw you think it is or would like it to be. Also are you going to make the claim that Square pushed the PS1 and 2 to their limits? You do recall that most of the PSX-era FFs were prerendered graphics, right? You know, prerendered 2d backgrounds, prerendered FMV... that stuff doesn't push the spec too much.
  5. If you look at the hardware for the iPhone, it is. As for Carmack, he gets into the details of why he thinks the Xbox is better instead of just reciting 'its easier to code for'.
  6. Arguments about whether the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 are better systems comes up here all the time. The problem with these debates is they usually consist of people who don't know hardware or development from their own backside, and the discussion gets perpetuated by half-truths, theory specs and a lot of wishful thinking. I found this video with John Carmack, the guy who sold his car to single-handedly program the Doom engine, talking about the console hardware with regards to Rage. This guy is not just any game dev. If anyone has the authority to speak out about which gaming machine is better, he does. His conclusions might not make everyone happy. In any case, I think this is a very informative and technical interview and should put theorycrafting system comparisons to rest., once and for all.
  7. The Dark Knight wasn't near as good as everyone seems to think.
  8. First, get a flash card. There are a lot of different ones available- check our thread on the topic and pick one. You need one to run homebrew like Win2DS. Then get the files for Win2DS and copy them on. Follow the readme for instructions on configuring it. It will work with any wireless router.
  9. Some Seth matches. Seth Vs. Ken Sagat Vs. Seth Let me just say his super is one of the stupidest things...
  10. Not really. Why buy games and carry around clunky UMDs when you can download them for free? Hacked PSP owners may as well not be PSP owners at all as far as sales opportunities go.
  11. Unlike the DS, the PSP relies on software sales for profit. So now matter how many people bought PSPs for CFW the fact that they aren't buying games hurts Sony. So yes, pirates are still evil.
  12. I notice LSD has also shifted back to CoD4 and Oblivion from SCIV. Wait till I get it guys :/
  13. Looks like I'll be getting Oblivion today then.
  14. My 360 has the Benq drive and has never been modded or opened or anything. Sometimes for certain games (UT3, GH3, NG2), I get the 'Open Tray' message on the dashboard even when the game disc is in. I have to eject and close the disc tray once or twice to get the game to start. Older games work fine. Also, once the game does start, it loads fine and there are no errors or slowdown or anything afterward. The reason I'm pissed off is that I just had to eject UT3 15 times to get it to play. Anyone had any experience with this issue? Any fixes? Mine is still under warranty, I guess, but really don't want to have to send it to MS.
  15. Just to chime in on the PAL Final Fantasy cases- I always liked the fact that they just had the logo on a white background. Looks more stylish than some of the stupid compositions they knocked up for the NTSC versions.
  16. Graphic design doesn't need much maths. Depending on what 'game design' actually means to you, you may or may not need a lot more advanced maths than algebra or trigonometry.
  17. Yoda is the Stage 7 Destined Battle in Arcade for the Apprentice. So finish Arcade with Yoda to unlock the Apprentice, then play through his Arcade Mode.
  18. I was going to point out the spelling but chose to be tactful Good job on the pic though
  19. Our holiday season is in Summer. Winter is depressing. The rain. The deaths. The sickness. Most of my reasons are personal; bad memories attached to the Winter months.
  20. REMIX Microsoft - We won't ever scrap Xbox Live Gold Fees.
  21. I hate Winter. My vote was an accident. Winter is depressing.
  22. GoW2 should get out of #1. Silent Hill 2 should be bumped up, and GTA:VC, FFXII and Black should get off the list altogether.
  23. I dunno if its my region, my ISP, my connection speeds or my hatred of port forwarding but online games have always been hell for me. Live is the best quality online service I have experienced outside of Battle.net. It's easy to find games, I get good pings and I love it. Maybe if things were different I'd be used to getting this quality of service for free, but I never have. So, for that reason, I endorse Live. It is a bit expensive, but I find it worth a fee. Maybe a smaller fee, but I think it definitely deserves to charge something. And although in theory its the same thing, Live is far and away better than Gamespy.
  24. You're a bit late- a couple of days ago Microsoft confirmed it was a special promotion only for games with cross-platform play and is only effective until the Fall Dashboard update. http://www.xbox360fanboy.com/2008/07/29/si...playtime-throu/ Also Live Gold doesn't offer anything other than online play and 5-day exclusivity of all new downloads. If they ever make online play free, they might as well just abolish Gold and Silver memberships altogether.
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