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  1. The groove system only got ridiculous in CvS2. In A3, it was pretty basic. X was like Super Street Fighter II Turbo. A was more or less like Alpha 2. V was just ass stupid and I, to this day, pretend it wasn't in the game. Dunno why you had a problem with the supers- the commands were the same as A2's?
  2. Yeh I get your point but the amount of text in the manual pretty much was a lore dump at the time, considering how narrow the scope of the first game was and how many things were mentioned in the manual only as opposed to in game.
  3. It is more or less that simple. It is a pain to do, but not that hard. My PS1's laser can barely read a pressed disc though so backups are out of the question. GC- Why not just go with a Slim PSP with TV-Out? It is essentially the same thing, perfect emulation and all.
  4. Yeh the OFLC is retarded. I'll still play it, might just have to jump through hoops to do so thanks to them. They seem to be banning more games each year... as though it's becoming more and more trendy.
  5. There is no solution for this. Basically what gavin said- never has been, never will be.
  6. Ergh.. Sonic 3 & Knuckles Doom II Red Alert 2 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Diablo II Unreal Tournament (1) Which of those depends on how I'm feeling on the day. Can't choose just one.
  7. At the rate you're going with all these 1-line replies I'd hate to think what that generation would be like.
  8. Coincidence. There are no other relations between the games to suggest this kind of collaboration are there?
  9. One save has numerous state slots in it. I was thinking Challenge of the Titans vs Challenge of the Gods. Played this game more than a year ago last.
  10. There won't be much Diablo III at E3, which is what I would have been most interested in. Also Fallout 3 recently got banned here :/
  11. Starcraft's lore was all in the manual to begin with. Warcraft's lore received a hugely expanded kick in the gay direction with Warcraft III.
  12. Challenge of Atlas? What's that GoW2? I might have a save with a couple of levels on it but not one with every level. I'll have a look later.
  13. It's funny how these blockbusters keep breaking each other's records in an age where they reckon people go to the movies less than they used to. I'm seeing a screening on Monday (tomorrow) night. I am pumped. I hope it doesn't disappoint... I've been watching Batman Begins again and I must say it isn't all as great as I remember it :/
  14. Agreed. We can at least be glad for the consistency of it. SuperSoaka's streak of poor judgement and / or bullsh!t remains unbroken.
  15. Really? You seem exactly the type to really revel in all the gory sadistic details. Being a girl notwithstanding and this being all said respectfully, of course.
  16. You're pretty wrong. Success rates are pitiful and even if successful the rate of conception is cut by at least 50%. It also significantly increases the risk of deformity.
  17. Things so irreversible and fundamentally foolish as vasectomies make me wonder what failed criteria (if any) are used to distribute life to the stupid creatures that would so quickly sacrifice the ability to reproduce simply to have more sex. I can picture nothing more pathetic than a man who would sterilise himself to appease a woman. I find the thought sickening.
  18. The part about Warcraft is true. They weren't sued, but WC1 was developed with Warhammer in mind although the rights were later denied. The Starcraft idea was just Warcraft in space though- I don't think it was as direct a ripoff of 40k as it might seem.
  19. You having a vasectomy = the world wins.
  20. I come from some place far away. Therefore, I find it hilarious that people, anywhere in the world, have nicknames like that.
  21. I dunno... I don't think you can really accuse anything with Elves and Orcs of ripping off something else... they are just spitting out fantasy tropes that have been around for a 100 years. But yes, it seems odd to market something so stylistically similar in the same arena as WoW, the current ultrapopular genre-defining phenomenon.
  22. You are absolutely correct. It markets a device to a large non-gaming audience, gets a large number of sales, and pretends that means it is what gaming is all about. It is like that Goosebumps series from the 90s breaking sales records and then preaching to all other novelists that it is how a story should be written. Illogical and arrogant. I'm glad Wii software attach rates and sales are pitiful, else that wretched machine might have could have changed gaming as we know it into light hufflepuff rubbish.
  23. Well you're a relative newcomer and, apart from anything else, somewhat delusional.
  24. HDL doesn't get updated anymore. There will never be a fix for any of the SNK games that currently do not work.
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