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  1. Question: Why can't there be an iPod in a 360 game? Is it's use so derisive to Microsoft that it needs to be cut?
  2. There were literally only a handful of songs that weren't masters.
  3. !!WARNING!! All in French Character Creation History Mode Siegfried vs. Darth Vader Maxi vs. Talim
  4. The entire disc data will be copied pretty much in ISO format to the HDD. Kind of like what they do now with Xbox Originals, just without the disc verification.
  5. But a backup can't be authenticated on an unmodded 360.
  6. No problem. I thought it was changed so Ultra's could embed though at some point. Gameplay Trailer Perfect Life Trailer
  7. Oh yeh nw. It is still a moot point since flashing exists in any case.
  8. No KMFDM still. And we PAL-ers haven't even got Rock Band 1 yet. I'm not happy.
  9. So far in gaming history there has never been a situation like this. 2 machines that can run the same games having equal market share. The closest comparison would be the Mega Drive and SNES, but there was really no way you could port a SNES game in development to the Mega Drive- the hardware was too different. Both Eternal Sonata and Diablo were ported to a second system after the fact. In the case of Diablo, the port was handled externally too. They weren't developed as multi-platform games.
  10. Not really.. having the disc authenticated on boot up is the same piracy control mechanism they have in place now. Albeit circumvented by flashing, but it won't be as though you can copy a game to HDD and then Bob's your uncle.
  11. Source: http://majornelson.com/archive/2008/07/14/...-plus-more.aspx
  12. How could he not know? In fact he didn't realise until the fans called bloody murder.
  13. I feel upset. I want acknowledgment damnit.
  14. Those numbers are skewed. Remember that the Wii has always had 1 pack in title. The 360 and PS3 have and haven't, but the Wii always has, in every box.
  15. This is a shock, I mean.. a simultaneous release? Wtf? I was sure the PS3 was doing better in Japan than that. Oh well, this could be the nudge Namco needs to bring over Tekken 6, and if MGS4 crosses the fence at some point too the PS3 just lost a whole lot of its sway. Dayam.
  16. A few days late... opening day match vids from Yokosuka. I made a Youtube playlist so press the arrows to skip through the 6 vids.
  17. He should come back in this form with the lighting and everything and then I will buy the CE for sure (for the figurine); Or as the Uber Soldat. That crap was hardcore.
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