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  1. The thread title is misleading- it should say 'Nintendo no friend of piracy'. This is such a claptrap line of reasoning.
  2. You're talking rubbish. Albums still come on CDs, and movies still come on DVDs. BDs are good for large data migration. That's all. They read slowly and are expensive. This is why you see all these ridiculous mandatory installs for games- either load times are apaling, or a good chunk of the data has to sit on a HDD to be read at decent speeds. Blu-ray fails for console games. Sony shoved the tech on consumers and now you folks have to cop it and act as if it was a good idea. id games are nothing to benchmark things by either. They are notorious users of hi-res textures. Remember when Doom 3 needed 512mb of vid card memory to be set on 'Ultra' when 256Mb cards were still the high end? And don't forget how long it took for PC games to shift to DVD as standard. Myst 3 and UT2004 were some of the first and the latter still had the standard 6-CD edition as recently as 2004- and the DVD had been around a long time by then.
  3. I am rather unpleasanted by my SoulCaliburz not arriving in the mail 2day. Have to wait until Monday now. Ergh, suppose I'll just have to play Ninja Gayden or something.
  4. That DLC pack costs 100MSP in my region. Any DLC available at launch should just have been on the disc / free DLC in my book - $2 isn't much but you get my point.
  5. Umm.. have you considered maybe the lag comes from your wireless connection?
  6. That's what I didn't want to hear. Lag for VF5 has ranged from not too bad to terrible, and FFS is unplayable with anyone I haven't arranged to play with personally- apart from anything else I can't find people playing that online. Here's hoping I get it today, and that we don't have a lagfest. If it arrives will you be online tonight LSD?
  7. No. The characters will come with DLC, and the online platform will depend on which you have more people to play on.
  8. This is one of those times where I'd say get the PS3 version if you've got it. Better visuals, performance. I'm getting the 360 version just because it's all I've got and I only have friends on Live, not PSN.
  9. Yeh I've never had anyone to play MvC2 with so that explains a bit. Btw Don, did you get your 360 this week?
  10. The Summon Suffering achievement was almost too easy to get in the XBLA SoulCalibur. So glad its harder now. I am getting more and more excited about this CaS mode- it seems like people are making a lot of interesting things and since they are based on core movesets it won't be quite as much BS as it was in SC3. Or so I hope. Anyway I really want this and hope it arrives today or tomorrow and that I don't have to wait through the weekend. UPS has flocked be around enough already.
  11. Yoda is actually fun to play as, even if dirt cheap. From what my mate says about Vader, he isn't really fleshed out as a character and only has a bunch of clunky stupid moves that don't work together well. Btw, do they claim a source over that Vader DLC confirmation thing?
  12. Would it have been cheaper for you to get the Oblivion GOTY edition? I saw Oblivion here for $30.. might get it. No online though, right?
  13. I would say burn your own games and avoid that issue
  14. Not yet. My guestimate is by Friday :/. Also don't get the maps for COD4- it isn't worth it. There are only 4 and you hardly ever get games on them. Only 2 of the 4 are any good as well, and this is compared to the 25 maps COD4 already has.
  15. I know that. My point is that for all the people defending the new MK, they know its going to be garbage. Balance comes up as the order of the day in this thread before MvC3 is even announced and yet, for MKvsDC, nobody cares. Why is that?
  16. Tekken was mentioned as an example of a balanced 35+ roster fighter. It's unfair to say its broken, and then point at VF5 which has only a fraction as many characters.
  17. Balance is overrated. Ever fighter still being played has a few tops that everyone uses. Funny how no one brings up balance in the MKvsDC discussion. Since when did VF5 have 35+ characters?
  18. I didn't watch anything other than Spider-man 3 simply because the word on Marvel films hasn't been good lately.
  19. LSD go play Mortal Kombat Armageddon, Deception or Deadly Alliance. If you were as big an old time MK-fan as me, you'd want to kill Ed Boon after playing those too.
  20. Which recent Marvel movies were good?
  21. Even if you had theoretical 'perfect emulation' that used 1:1 hardware requirements of the original system, the PSP still doesn't meet that spec. No matter how efficiently the thing is coded it cannot reproduce DC games on a PSP at 100% speed (or even close). Ever. Seems like making this in the first place is a fool's errand.
  22. Ed biatch takes the case. He is female organwhipped into faggotry by his own franchise. Lmaonade.
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