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  1. The light indicator, it seems, might have to do with motion sensing / dancing as part of the game.
  2. 4 out of 6 capital cities and 4 major classes cut just before launch? This could be a crippling blow to the so-far impressive looking MMO. Source: Massively.
  3. See, here's the thing. I love karaoke. And I love iNiS (they made Ouendan). But I am not buying anything with a splash half as gay as that. The word 'lame' must not exist at their graphics department. Fix it, Microsoft! The mics certainly look good, assuming they're real, but this game has a way to go before it can toe-to-toe it with SingStar methinks. Source: GameKyo.com
  4. There isn't a 0.8c. Some people just call 0.8b with the God of War patch '0.8c'. But yeh I've tried that and no dice. Could be related to the physical hard disks used as to how long goes by before a crash.
  5. Wait so the PS3 can't do this on its own? It needs a networked PC running the Google Media Server?
  6. Retail shelf 360s have been RRoD free for a long time.
  7. Very, very questionably thing to say. Also Japanese have the been by far the most significant adopters of MGS4 worldwide.
  8. There are DVD based Action Replays that will do the job. Alternatively copy the Installer CD ISO onto a HDD, and use a retail HDLoader / HDAdvance pressed DVD to boot up the HDD and run the ISO.
  9. That is really good 3d. I was also fooled into thinking it was a sprite based approach.. very impressive. More characters please.
  10. I've used HDL 0.8b with the GoW patch, without the GoW patch, in all variety of MDMA and UMDA speeds but it doesn't work. I have to use Mode 3 to get it to boot at all, but the other modes don't seem to have any affact. I still haven't beaten my record of 1 match without a crash yet.
  11. What are you smoking? The PSP has been topping sales charts in Japan almost consistently for weeks now.
  12. But then again, if it were just a list with links, that's what the forum thread list essentially is. Sounds like it'd require more effort than it's worth.
  13. Guilty Gear ^Core Plus Trailer This version, like the recent Plus for PS2, has a full Story Mode which the original ^Core lacked, as well as Kliff and Justice. Comes out on the 24th of this month and like all PSP games will be region free.
  14. What about the secret ending on Legendary where you see Master Chief's ship floating towards a huge unknown planet? Doesn't that ending suggest there will be games featuring him in the future? Did you seriously just spoil the ending of Halo 3 for me?
  15. Because it has the type of appeal to attract more people to playing it than most other games have. I find 10/10 for this game apalling btw.
  16. Care to tell us if you're playing on a Flash Card or an emulator and which emulator you're using?
  17. Yesterday was the up there with the top 5 worst days of my life. I hate my job. I hate the work itself, hate the 1hour+ travel time, hate the people (most of), hate the hostile / oppressive environment, hate the management, hate how just going to work spoils my mood for days / weeks at a time, hate how it is ruining my life outside work. Being sick as a dog yesterday just made it worse. No wonder I'm such a cranky bastard this year. I should really quit. I hate that the security of having a job costs me so much.
  18. CoD4. GGs LSD, sorry about the end there- my headset died.
  19. Imperial Star Destroyer Stage Am I the only one who things Siegfried in that outfit with the SoulCalibur looks sh!t?
  20. I come here to loosen up, but instead feel like I'm stepping on people's toes when I do. I dunno- I consider it 'sensible' to shut up whenever I see a pointless 1-line response and am about to scream. At least I still have 1 other games forum where things aren't as asinine. Fanboys and morons on the net still get to me, and while I know the net is not serious business, I feel like I've grown out of most of the bs. And yeh LSD jump on tonight whenever. I guess still no UT3? I'm hooked as a monkey on that atm.
  21. Very thorough review. I stand by this stick being too expensive for the layperson, which is perhaps why having such a detailed unboxing and impression guide is so worthwhile. I have no confusion about what I'd get if I ordered one of those things now.
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