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  1. How do i fix jerky youtube video streaming? Every time i try to watch youtube clips the video quality is very jerky.The audio works fine. It's just the video. I have the same problem with Firefox and IE8.What is weird is if i dl the clip then play it from my desktop it works fine.It's just the streaming that messes up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Wow i didn't know there was a hacked xbox 1 emulator for the 360...interesting. How does it run coinops etc? And yes i do have a jtagged console.
  3. Any news on when FBAnext will come out for the 360? I just saw a pic of the new menu for the final burn emulator for the 360.I can't wait to get a hold of it. I also noticed alot of the games on mame360 don't work.Even though i placed the neogeo bios zip file in the rom directory,it still won't play negeo titles.We need a coinops emulator for the 360. Also the cheat dat file doesn't work either. I was really hoping martial masters was going to work,but no luck on that either.
  4. My Pioneer usb ext dvd burner won't burn properly. I just purchased a new Pioneer external usb 2.0 dvd burner because my inbuilt laptop burner has died. Anyway i plugged it in and tried burning an iso that was over 7gb onto a verbatim +R DL dvd. I used image burn.I ended up wasting 2 DL dvd's. Even though image burn was saying it was still writing.The burning stopped on one dvd at 26% and locked up the burner. And on another disc it stopped at 44%. It won't finish burning on a DL disc. Yet when i placed a standard dvd-r in it.It burnt 4.3gb all the way through.And finished the process. Do you guys think i got a faulty burner? The model is an Pioneer DVR-X162
  5. Is there a new version of xport that detects the 250GB HDD for the 360? A friend of mine is using the older versions of Xport and Xplorer 360,and they will let him see the partitions on the 250GB hdd.But the programs won't let him see what is IN the partitions. Just wanted to know if you guys have some info on new versions of Xport and Xplorer 360 that support the new 250gb hdd?
  6. Thanks again for all your help. I heard that new 1.61 firmware for the liteon drives is being released on the 18th of this month.I don't know if it's true. But if that is the case....no more 1 shot boot disc.
  7. Thank you so much for this info. I just purchased a new jasper 360.Manufacturing date 04-14-09.So i should be fine.I haven't cracked it open yet. I don't know if MS are detecting hacked firmware now when you go on xbox live. But what i wanted to do was go on xbox live with my new console before modding it.Get the media update and all the other updates.Then transfer my licensing for all my downloaded content from my banned console to my new one Then basically disconnect from live for good. Then flash my drive. What i am a little worried about is this.........is there something in the new dash update that will stuff up my 360's ability to store games on my 120gb hdd if i flash my drive after i have installed all the updates from xbox live? Because after i got banned from live recently i can no longer store games on my hdd. Just wondering if the update can detect flashed drives or it can only do that when your on live?
  8. Anybody have info or pics of the different Liteon drives for the 360? I have am getting a new Jasper 360.And i heard they all have Liteon drives. But version 3 isn't flashable yet. How can i tell which version i have? Is there some kind of serial number on the drive? Can anybody give me links to pics of what each version looks like? Thank you
  9. Thank you for the info. Just a few more questions....today i am flashing my 360 with ixtreme 1.6. I dl the activate one shot boot iso and burnt it on layer one with image burn on a DVD+R DL. Can you store wave 4 games onto your 360 HDD after you load the boot disc and the 360 recognizes the game? Then when you want to play the game you just put the boot disc in again,then the game disc and let it run off the hdd? I also heard that the new jasper 360's have dvd drives in them that can't be flashed yet is that right? And what drive is it? Reason i am asking is i want to buy another 360...a jasper one that is.And i would like to make sure i don't get one with an unflashable drive.
  10. Can playing a backup before the release date offline,still get you banned when you go online after the release date? I keep hearing different stories about playing pre-release games that can get you banned. Other people are saying it's ok to play the game as long as your offline. And yet other people argue that even if you play the game offline the 360 keeps a record of what games you played internally.So you will eventually get caught after you go online. Then other people say that if you play the game offline and then before you go online put in a game that has already been released,it will wipe out the record of the previous game. What is the truth?
  11. A friend of mine has a Slim PSP 2002 with original 3.71 firmware on it.Is there CFW i can install on it? Is there an easy installer available?
  12. Thank you very much for all your help.My custom made PC is pretty average.Low range.Only 1.8 gig processor.An Athlon xp cpu on an Asus motherboard.I think i got that right??
  13. Custom built.And it still is keeping my MB and everything else in the chassis cool.And the fan is spinning fine.It's just the slight screeching noise that is a little annoying. I heard that it's recommended that when you purchase a PSU you should always go for one with a little more power than you need.Is that true?
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