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  1. I have not upgraded my PSP since m33-6. I bought a PS1 game so I could put it on my PSP, but I get an error that I need to have firmware v5.5 or later. Did Dark Alex stop development of CFW?
  2. After much procrastination my PSP is now on 5.0m33. What are the best emulators for NES, SNES, CPS2, and MAME? Also, can you take your existing PS1 discs and make ISOs out of them?
  3. Has anyone used this? http://us.codejunkies.com/Products/PSP-Bat...__EF000530.aspx
  4. If anyone else is interested: www.nfl2k5rosters.com
  5. Does anyone know if updated rosters exist?
  6. Would anyone mind making an idiot/newbie's guide to modding a brand new PSP Slim? Also, I tried ripping a DVD with DVDfab 5 but the end video was pillarboxed. What resolution does it have to be to native to the display? I left all the settings on the default for PSP.
  7. Picked one up today. It's the PSP-2001, the firmware already on it was 3.95.
  8. I'm just concerned with this whole battery trick and how much extra this will cost.
  9. I'm finally getting one today, I've had gift cards just collecting dust. I managed to get an 8GB SanDisk II yesterday from Amazon for $60. If you modify the firmware does it effect any of the PSP features (like online play or remote play)? Will they ban you from online like Live?
  10. I haven't messed with emus too much on the xbox. So far I have mameox, XSNESX, and Neogenesis. These are a few years old. Is there anything better or are these good enough? If anyone knows too, what plugin for xbmc is this person using at exactly 2mins on this video: http://actioncorp.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=73453
  11. Should I buy a Pandora battery off ebay or try to create one?
  12. I'm thinking of getting a new PSP (slim). I have a DS with a card but the emulation isn't there just yet. Black Knight gave a few of us these instructions: I was wondering if someone who's done this process can go into a little further detail (not links) about the process. For instance, what is the Pandora tool and what does it do?
  13. Also, what is this pandora's battery I keep reading about? Pandora's Battery is a special battery that boots the PSP into service mode which, when paired with a Magic Memory Stick, allows the user to downgrade their PSP, regardless of their current firmware. Any regular battery can be made into a Pandora's Battery, as long as someone you know has a PSP with either fw 1.50 or a custom firmware. I modded someone's fat PSP a while back, not sure what firmware they are on now. How can I find instructions on how to mod a new Slim using a modded fat?
  14. Also, what is this pandora's battery I keep reading about?
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