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  1. Ass equals good or bad? I ask because didn't we get a totally butchered Wolverine origin story in X2? And the Sabretooth rivalry butchered in X1?
  2. Drake is right. MK games of late = hype = bullshit = crap gameplay.
  3. Suppose it is that Devia Eleven fellow who can't seem to settle on a username or avatar. This won't fly- the PSP just doesn't have the hardware for this to even be realistic.
  4. Is this suddenly non-canon / rebooting the old X-men movies but keeping the main actor on? Lame. I hated those movies, but this could have had a different Wolverine.
  5. I don't speak- I communicate with gestures and sug-gestion.
  6. -Download nullDC. -Get your game disc images (*.iso, .nrg, .cdi etc..) and load them up. If you need to, use something like Daemon Tools to mount them to a drive letter. Please look into this before asking anyone to explain it to you further.
  7. Agreed, but, well, we were all noobs once. For someone who is not very computer-savvy, emulators, roms, archives and BIOS are all jibberish. Sometimes you can't fault them for not really understanding what they are talking about. Same goes for not speaking English. The thing that really grinds my crap to a halt is when they don't listen to the advice people take the time to give them, either because it is too hard, they don't want to admit they did something wrong or just because they'd prefer to be spoonfed. I also am not a fan of people doing absolutely 0 research / reading / searching before posting their questions. We can be expected to help at problem points but not hold everyone's hand. Do the digging yourself first you lazy motherflockers. We all did. If there is one more post in the PSP forum about people asking 'what is a CFW' or 'how do I play emulators' without having done any legwork whatsoever themselves, I am going to ban the moron, spam their email and maybe even slash their tyres / murder their children.
  8. Yeh, k. Not happening. When they say MvC3, they probably mean license cash-in since MKvsDC is doing. I'm not excited really.
  9. Alternatively if you can't run either, look into 'TVersity'. It's a media server app that everyone used before the 360 got its own native Divx playback.
  10. If I understand you correctly, you are not talking about backing up the game media, but rather saving you progress in the game, correct? If so, then no- you don't need to download or install anything extra for that.
  11. The reason why characters appear blurry has been explained to you twice already.
  12. The Joker is going to use his brute strength (aparently The Joker is an Aikido master), poison mist attacks and boxing-glove gun weapon (you know that thing Jack Nicholson shoots the TV with in the old Batman).
  13. Vader in 360 code; may or may not be released as an unlockable via DLC. Source: http://www.gamersreports.com/news/8653/vad...wnload-screens/
  14. Roster Update: Joker, Green Lantern, Kitana, Jax Complete roster as of 26/7/08; DC Universe Superman Batman The Flash Catwoman Shazam The Joker The Green Lantern Mortal Kombat Universe Sub-Zero Scorpion Liu Kang Sonya Shang Tsung Jax Kitana Source: http://www.siliconera.com/2008/07/25/the-j...-mortal-kombat/
  15. Open up Windows Media Player. Go Tools > Options > Library > Configure Sharing. Then tick the box to allow the Xbox 360. Finally you can choose what types of media are shared from that same screen. On your 360, just go to play media, press X to choose the source, and select the computer.
  16. Is it one of those character based errors that come up here all the time?
  17. Not that I put much stock in what 1up writes, but they have given SC4 a very strong recommendation in their review; an 'A' and being called the best fighting game of our time. Source: http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3168981
  18. That hurts, solidius :/ But fair's fair. This thread will henceforth be called 'The SoulCalibur IV Thread'.
  19. Thanks man- anytime this weekend would be great so let me know sometime you're free.
  20. From that image filename it seems we've got the same source. And there are people reporting PAL isn't working there. I won't be downloading anyway since, apart from other things, my 360 isn't flashed.
  21. Please don't revive old topics just for the sake of it.
  22. The 'region free' available now isn't actually region free. It only works on NTSC-U and NTSC-J. Not PAL. Which means I won't get my hands on it for some time yet.
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