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  1. Psst, guess where I'm getting dressed up to go tonight?
  2. Yeh but if we're comparing the Wii and the 360, it's more like an installed base of 50 million with an attach rate of 0.5, as compared to the 360. As for the PS3, the installed base is similar to the 360, but with an attach rate of about half as many games per machine.
  3. Well yeh they have a completely new team of artists (who have failed all 3 of Blizzard's franchises now) but the lore guru Metzen is still around. After the whole Eredar thing though I think even he's over the hill now.
  4. Funny story; that wanker Ed Boon promised exactly that when Armageddon was announced- it was the last gen dream match before the wiped the slate clean with a new storyline, new engine and everything. Instead he pulls another Sub-Zero / Scorpion game with the exact same technology as before. But with new licenses! flock Ed Boon. I hate that man.
  5. They introduced a 'grand scheme of things' to Warcraft with WC3. Suddenly there were 5 other continents in the world, a million other cheap fantasy races, gods and history that had nothing to with Orcs and Humans fighting, but paved the way for a big MMO. I'll rant more about it later but play the Warcraft II campaign and then play the Warcraft III campaign straight after and you'll get a jolt from how much more there is to the world and how the style has become a lot brighter than it used to be.
  6. How can a system have too high an attach rate? The software sales per unit sold at a lost is where the profit comes from.
  7. Don't be racist You know who else I hate? Chris Tucker. crap actor. crap comedian.
  8. Absolutely agreed. He would have nailed it; he is Agent 47. Tim Olyphant screwed up hardcore. He didn't give the professional killer vibe in even one scene of that movie.
  9. Here's the embed. I should get Icewind Dale 2. Never played it, kinda wish I had got round to it.
  10. WTF Trailer Hmm, well it looks like they haven't let go of that stupid 'Unleashed Sonic' idea yet. And it hasn't got any less stupid either. Also Sonic games took a dive for the worse around the same time they started happening in human cities with militaries and whatnot.
  11. The 3rd Transporter film is coming out November 26. I like the series, despite how incredibly cheesy it is, and especially Jason Statham for his cool and the fact that he does his own driving and fighting sequences. Here is the teaser trailer; Any other Transporter fans here?
  12. Along with Doom 4, and a new Quake game, a new Wolfenstein title has been mentioned as being in development at Raven by id's CEO Todd Hollenshead amogst others, but GameInformer has the first screens. TBA simultaneous release for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Check here for more scans. Source: ePrison.de
  13. I really don't want to pay full price for that though, even though playing on Live with a real fighter finally would rock. So yeh I might get it. Grr. Play-Asia was having a sale today- 25% off everything 'in-stock'. I waited an hour and suddenly the EX2 I was going to buy went from 'in stock' to '5-15 days wait'.
  14. WoW. And I hate it. But I've run out of games that I'd care to play.
  15. I've always hated Eddie Murphy. crap actor. crap comedian.
  16. All I can say is that if you're looking for something serious the woman with kids is a bad idea. You're still young and fair looking- you shouldn't need to get involved with troubled girls like that yet.
  17. There isn't as much to do as in San Andreas. The world isn't as big either.
  18. I don't have big problems with any of those things- my argument for Sonic 2 would just be that it was a longer cohesive game. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles on their own don't pack as much of a punch as Sonic 2. They really need to be together to stand as strong as they should have if S3 wasn't rushed out the door. My question is thus; what is so special about Sonic CD? Having played it years later the whole thing seems less polished than Sonic 2 or 3. The movement is not very responsive, the boss designs are poor, and the whole time travel feature seemed tacked on- palate swapped levels substituting for a larger zone count.
  19. Apart from sucking in both, the quests and item drops are extremely limited in SP- the game is basically a gimped, crippled form of the MP.
  20. Thanks Side for the trailer, here it is embedded; I think this looks awful. It isn't an overhaul at all really- this is the PS2-era MK engine rehashed with high resolutions. The animation is still clunky and just plain bad, the modeling is alright but the animation fails it. Basically for anyone who didn't like MKDA-MKA but are hoping this one turns it around, don't get your hopes up. This was the chance to fix what was the worst fighting engine in gaming, but it seems like that stupid MK Team spent their money on licensing instead of, oh, making a batter game. Another gimmicky entry in the MK series- it will be just as unplayable and is surviving off the DC hook to get people interested. Sad. Just sad.
  21. Yeh I heard about the layoffs yesterday, but they hadn't been officially shuttered yet. Flagship annoyed me from the beginning. The whole company was a big ego trip and looking at the garbage they produced I'm not surprised they got the axe. I feel sorry for the folk who shelled out the $150USD lifetime subscription to Hellgate, although they were taking a gamble to begin with there.
  22. If putting thought into what you say is taking things too seriously then what can I tell you? And what would it be like? I'm reminded of last year. Things were dandy.
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