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  1. howdy sorry for the extended absence and just bailing over all --;
  2. you need to add localcood=320,240 to the .def file for the screen pack
  3. late reply is late go to http://mugenguild.com
  4. What is M.U.G.E.N.? adding chars 1. make sure that when you open the characters folder the .def file is in there 2. make sure the Name of the folder is exactly the same as the name of the .def file inside 3. open the .def file in notepad and make sure all the files in the folder are referenced correctly 4. when you have done all this just simply add the characters name to the select.def file found in the data folder Spring cleaning don't mind me...
  5. Dude all you do is open a file and enter the name of the character Is your attention span that short :/
  6. What you have to remember is that we arn't carbon copies of each other, read every one isn't created equal, so people will have certain advantages over otheres and in a few these advantages are just more pronounced than in others. eh hope you understood that --;
  7. eh my advice is don't download anything anyone actually cares about. only download really old stuff its what I do never gotten a letter.
  8. Nice been looking for something like this for awhile now. oh and great review btw
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