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  1. The newest and last console to be emulated at this point in time is the Wii.
  2. I heard about this Olivia Munn movie a few months ago. I went to go see The Amazing Spider-Man yesterday night, and they told me Magic Mike was sold out and I was thought, "What the fuck is Magic Mike?". I didn't remember the title.
  3. I suppose I don't see the point of tech demos or how they are supposed to mean anything to me.
  4. Start downloading lesser popular shows. Alternatively, stop using torrents, find HTTP downloads, and then rename the file you're downloading to something random. For example, if you download a file from Rapidshare called "ExampleShow720ps03e04.avi", rename it to sidfrhasuofbnuodnf.avi.
  5. Websites like Twitter and Facebook are very useful if you use them for the right things. For instace, on Twitter, I only follow about 3 people total, to get news on things that I like. It doesn't go much deeper than that. Sometimes I get a laugh out of Twitter though due to snarky remarks and tweet wars between certain famous people. I don't tweet anything myself though, unless I'm directly asking someone a question. On Facebook, I only have about 14 friends, so the updates I get are usually from a few people. These few people normally either post news, or 9gag images. I find that Facebook can get annoying when I check it too much during the day. It can be even less annoying if you disable the news feed from most of your friends.
  6. Facebook isn't a good place, and I never understood the hate for Facebook. Everyone's reasoning behind hating Facebook has everything to do with the people using it and absolutely nothing to do with the website itself. I suggest you just find new websites to go to.
  7. Tell him every scenerio and let him decide, that way if you tell him and he says he'll sell you the tower, you can get the tower without withholding certain details.
  8. He had a good run. He'll be on GameTrailers' Bonus Round soon.
  9. I can't come to grips with how I hate YouTube comments so much, but yet still manage to scroll down and read about 3-4 comments and see all of this gabble. I can't believe people are still debating about PS3 and XBOX 360 exclusives like it still matters, or ever mattered. I cannot concieve or be comfortable with ever being a fanboy of anything, to be a one sider, and to basically go at other people's throats over about how a certain game console is better than the other consoles, and that the fans of the other consoles can suck it. I'm not keen on the God of War series anymore, every game in the series has very much been a copy of each other, which isn't really a problem because the games themselves aren't bad. I guess I'm more fatigued with Kratos and how much of a bad character he is, and how it is almost impossible to like anything about him. God of War III was a terrific game but it was pretty much the last two games on a wider scale but with better graphics. Since this new game has multiplayer I'm slighted interested in how this pans out but even less interested in playing the game.
  10. Super Mario 3D Land is good, I like it better than Galaxy or Sunshine. The graphics are good, I completed it in about 3 hours, I was playing it on and off for a few weeks. The 3DS was really a steal at $170 which is why I went ahead and bought it because I had the money. The 3D effect is annoying in that I have to sit in a specific position and not move and inch or the 3D effect will mess up, so I usually play without it. Mario is the only game I've played, I just got Zelda and I'll be playing that when I get around to it.
  11. Devil May Cry: HD Collection Devil May Cry 1 is very unforgiving.
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