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  1. NB - If you've seen the trailer then this post is spoiler free. Now that this is out, what did everyone think? I think it did a lot of things well but got a terrible number of things horribly wrong. I'll elaborate later but here are some of the parts I didn't like; -No human aspect to the Joker. I'm not talking about an origin story- being an advocate of chaos is not motive enough for anyone, no matter how utterly mad they are, going to the elaborate lengths he does in the film. -Batman was even shallower (if possible) than in Batman Begins. His gruff voice became tedious and he played almost an accessory role to what is going on. For that reason I am very glad the word 'Batman' is not anywhere in the title. -The pacing was all wrong. The first act was far too bloated, and the final act far too rushed. The whole Hong Kong business could have been excised altogether and the time spent elsewhere. A very emotional arc in the second half of the film, which I wont spoil, doesn't really develop- there isn't enough time left to flesh it out. I was at the point where I knew I should be feeling something, but didn't really connect emotionally. The reason, I think, is because the emphasis on certain events was all wrong. -A number of really cool shots (not scenes) from the trailer were replaced with takes that were less visually interesting. Minor gripe. -The finale with the Joker was just pathetic. A terribly un-spectacular way to end 2 and half hours of build up. What I did like was the grand plot and strong allusion to the title and central theme throughout. However, like I just said, the time was distributed all wrong, and the important parts not made significant enough. The emotion wasn't conveyed as well as it should have been, especially for a film as overly tragic as this. Also ideologies were thrown around, characters were flippant, and no one, not even the martyrs, had a terribly good reason for believing what they believed or doing what they did. Gah go see the movie so I don't have to worry about spoiling too much. I realise how vague all this sounds right now. Overall though I was disappointed and I don't think that is because I had high expectations (which I did). It's because despite all the good things about the film which I loved and conveniently didn't mention, and despite the millions of positive reviews, the makers of The Dark Knight bit off more than they could chew. TDK needs at least a DVD re-edit before I'd even think about considering it for the title of 'best Batman film'.
  2. That is correct. So if I had given out my BlackKnight address to people, was using Gmail, and was silly enough to enter my real name and expect it to be safe, someone could prove me wrong.
  3. WoW is as generic elves & dragons BS as anything else. And I don't think it's a great game. That said, find me Horde-side on Blackrock, and Alliance-side on Dath'Remar.
  4. Yeh I mean my Gmail address is John.J.Smith@Gmail.com. So it would be pretty obvious what my name is, if someone knew the address to begin with.
  5. Verified- it works. This is a rather nasty thing to have circulating the net. Not that I care- my Gmail address includes my name anyway, but if it didn't I would be royal pissed right now. Source: http://blogs.securiteam.com/index.php/archives/1113
  6. Every time they show something about this game it always looks better than expected. Can't wait.
  7. They took their time fixing it. I'd given up WoW before 2.3 and so I didn't feel any of the changes. Might be fun to roll a Retribution Pally now actually.
  8. Well take the WoW Paladin, piss all DPS, plate and heals. I can't stand that. Tried leveling one and it bored me to tears. The Death Knight sounds more my thing. Tanking, DPS and offensive magic. Too bad- doesn't sound like Aion has anything like that so far though.
  9. Paladins are pretty much tanks with magic aren't they?
  10. You'd be best off sorting out your problem with nullDC and using that. No sense underclocking your pc, especially since Chankast is an out of date abandonware pos.
  11. I actually have never played any of the Elder Scrolls series. I probably should have... never played any Forgotten Realms stuff either. Now I feel embarrassed, considering how much I trash Jap RPGs.
  12. I'm on the lookout for a new MMO since I have no life. This looks ok, so will sign up for the beta and need a reminder to check it out Q1 next year.
  13. Yeh that's not the way it should be played. Overall I don't like the campaign though. I think it ruins the delicate multiplayer balance of the sides. It is kinda like playing Tekken, where all the enemies are big bosses like Nancy that overpower and outnumber you, and where you have to use very specific cheesy methods to win. It spoils the fun of the core game.
  14. Possibly. I'm not about to defend WoW, which I think is a pathetic game overall. However, Warcraft III is one of the finest games ever made. You're really missing out if you don't give it a try.
  15. But Windows is the most user friendly thing evar. You're crazy. And Welcome.
  16. Ohhh yeh I was thinking of that gimped Samurai Warriors: Art of War for the PSP.
  17. Mirror's Edge seems uninspired to me, and I can't even tell why it's so famous or hyped up. Although this is the least relevant criticism to level against it, that chick looks like ass.
  18. Well Nintendo has been failing for a long time and they really don't have anything else to draw on now. As I keep saying the Wii is a gimmick and they've got no more shocks in their magic hat left to marvel people with, much less any half-decent games for the machine.
  19. Yeh I played it. Don't bother with the PSP version though- they threw some turn-based crap into it and screwed up the formula.
  20. Yeh sounds good. Still figuring out my router though. Forwarded the ports and all this morning and was having a good streak, but now can't seem to connect to anyone. And my DMZ is playing up as well. OT: Does anyone have a D-Link G604-T?
  21. I think the port itself is a means to make FFXIII as a whole profitable since only a fraction of PS3 owners are outside Japan and since the 360 runs rampant everywhere else as well.
  22. Well I'm late to the party as usual but if anyone on my side of the globe wants to mess around in any of those games let me know.
  23. Looks like I will have to get it then. Here's hoping there's a Us or Asia version I can get cheap somewhere.
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