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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Quarantine - Deserves a watch with a group of people, will startle the average viewer!

Quarantine is a shot for shot remake of [REC]. a spanish horror.

the chick in [REC] is 5x hotter.

its cool that they really did a pretty much shot for shot. instead of that crappy re imagining stuff we get with asian horror movie remakes.

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Max Payne.

better then I expected.. worse then I'd hoped. just an average video game movie.

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this was really good, a sci-fi'ish psychological drama.

I enjoyed cube. I think I enjoyed the sequal, too.

Whaaaat? I'm not the only one who has seen cube???? I liked it... but as for the sequel? Not so good...


Last movie I saw was Man of the Year. Pretty good movie. I wish we could actually have a candidate as worthy of my vote as Robin Williams!

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