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    Obviously video games, I love art and various forms of expression, music, movies, reading, writing, history, the 80's, anything paranormal, comedy central, beaches, stars, photography, colors, ice cream, roller coasters, roller skating (when I'm not killing myself on them), clouds, science, geography and various hobbies & tastes.

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  1. I hope everything is going well with you Thought I'd stop by and do the same thing as GP. Been gone a while. We moved to an adorable inexpensive apartment in my hometown and a childhood friend of mine is my landlord. Win haha. Been really really REALLY busy as of late..especially with the holidays coming up quickly. I've had some up and downs the past few months but things could always be worse. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to stop by more often.
  2. I don't have a slim. It was a gift when it first came out. I'll figure it out later.
  3. I've heard that if you do that with your PS3, you won't be able to use the PSN.
  4. I'm religious and I'm ok with castration. But only it it were the last resort kind of thing. Actually, no. How about you let them keep their junk and make them totally impotent. I'm sure that can be managed medically. That way, when they shower or look themselves in the mirror, they still have it but can't use it.
  5. I know what to do with emulation when it comes to a computer but I wanted to know if it was possible to put a Nintendo64 emulator on my PS3. If so, how do I do it? Hopefully this is a permissible question. If not, could someone guide me in the right direction for reference?
  6. I performed a search in my neighborhood for registered sex offenders. Within an 8 block radius, there are 11 and remember, these are actually REGISTERED/CAUGHT. It's pretty scary. What I said above about remembering them as people, I still think it's the right mentality but I can make no promises that I wouldn't physically do something to someone if my child was harmed. I wouldn't necessarily kill the person but a child is defenseless and a parent has every right to be the defense regardless of law. I remember I dated this guy and his father molested a 7 yr old girl. The parents of the neighborhood printed his picture and put it all over the city light posts and let everyone know what he was. I remember my ex was really embarrassed about it but he knew it was for a good cause. Even he was the target for some violence because people assumed if the dad did it, he would since there was a high chance he was messed around with when he was little. But his dad was all about little girls..not boys. It's a sad world we live in.
  7. Yeah, I don't think that those kind of people are contributing anything helpful to society. It's one thing to say "hey, this man was arrested for pedophilia so don't let him talk to your children." and another to act ridiculous. First, my child (or any of my future children for that matter) will not be on a social networking site until they are old enough and responsible enough to be cautious. They will have strict boundaries regarding stuff like that. Problem is, too many "parents" are too busy wanting to be on their kid's "good side" and want to be more friends than parents. It's the parents job to teach the child right from wrong and the ability to discern people and their motives. As for the pedophiles, we all have to remember that they are people. They have a problem that needs to be fixed. Some of them don't like what they do and can't help themselves (watch Ted Bundy's last interview.) Instead of shouting profanities and threats to these people, they need to reach out and find the means of getting these men and women the help they need. I'm not saying that they shouldn't be punished for their actions but that is what the law is for. Everyone has to pay the consequences for anything they do wrong. People are just so ready to fly off the handle and can't think logically on what's best for everyone.
  8. Sigur Ros Everything by them is amazing. Been listening to them for years and never get tired of them.
  9. I want my funeral to be like in the movie "First Knight" Being cast off on a small boat and have an archer shoot a flaming arrow, burning me on the water. You could smell me for miles. mwahaha
  10. I'm thinking it's gone down the ridiculous (yes, it has it's own dimension)
  11. = hilarity. That moon looks like it's amp'd up on something.
  12. What I find funny about it is that they're priding themselves on having memory tubes with the caskets. They say that most places will try to up-sell with a casket with a memory tube. In case you don't know, a memory tube is a plastic cover thingy for a name tag of the deceased. In case there's a flood and the caskets are floating around, they want identification of the person without having to open them.
  13. Yeah I know about the anxiety. I was just pointing out that having depression/anxiety (I suffer from it also) already gives you a chemical imbalance and then doing the drugs could throw it off even more. Even if it's been over a year. I did crank for about 9 months and it's been 4 years since then and I still have issues from it. Also, if you're like seriously addicted to porn, that could contribute to your problem as well. Not sure if you're that crazy over it though.
  14. Here, they don't accept returns for electronics whether they're opened or not. It's only store credit...sometimes.
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