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  1. Playing through arkham city again. Bored to tears with th post holiday release drought
  2. I got it while it was up. Its still on my ipad. I loaded the mame4all romset and it seems to run fine but the controls are way to janky. It would prolly be good with that icade thing but who is gonna pay 90 bucks to play the same shit i already have on my pc, xbox, ect.
  3. I don't dig the red font on the main topic and forum lists. but in topic everything looks good except the already mentioned borked avatars. and come on.. you couldn't trim or merge all those crazy subforums?
  4. did you ever get this figured out. I just found this site. https://wetransfer.com/ check it out says sending files over 2gb
  5. You can make a public folder. Or just give him the user name and pass. Change the pass once he has dled the file. http://www.dropbox.com/help/20
  6. Or zip it multipart. Upload or mail the individual parts
  7. Dropbox. You'll have to jump some hoops to get extra storage though.
  8. I think this candy coated bullshit is what killed us. an emulation site needs to host something to survive. you want this place to come back to life? make it a Private torrent tracker that specializes in ROMS and Emulators. attach the forums to that. shit can all the subforums. 1 forum for each branch of emulation and an off topic for bullshitting. DO NOT host developers or allow them to conduct bullshit in the forums. they can open their own blog on wordpress for that ass licking shit. DO NOT give devs mod powers... EVER. do not tolorate pissing matches EVER.
  9. Deus ex. I didnt really get into it. It has that same stale feel as duke nukum. Driver sqn francisco. WTF? Sucks dick. Seriously Dead island. Fuckin bad ass. Its like fps version of dead rising with good graphics and no frustrating time limits or dragging dumb survivirs across the map. Ive only got a little ways into it cuz i am working like a slave right now.
  10. the preview copy is pc. it is supposedly the first 8 or so hours. I only played about an hour. I didn't want to spoil the console release.
  11. Its all over torrent sites. the 360 version leaked today. so I'll be playing that tomorrow, gotta hit the sack now...
  12. I played a bit of the preview copy of deus ex human revolution. (in Borat voice) very nice!
  13. Let me just check all the links in your sig..... Oh wait. I dont think I will. Why in the fuck do we allow new members to have a sig full of links?
  14. Street fighter chronology is: SF1 SF Alpha 2 SF Alpha 3 SSF2T SF4 SF3: 2I SF3: 3S Street fighter alpha, sfii and sfiii were overwriten by thier sequels
  15. Why would you want to play console mode over arcade? Censorship and only 4 credits vs no censorship and unlimited credits. i think arcade mode wins.
  16. Jesus christ will you little bitches wash the sand out of your fucking pussies and shut the fuck up.
  17. I pop my head in once every few days. hit the "latest topics" link. see that they are all xbox section drama and leave.
  18. Are you playing the x2 dump or what?
  19. First one sucked eggs. Second one was really good. Third one didn't hold my interest.
  20. preloaded and ready to go at 9PST! Ems, you can play single player too. the AI isn't that great though.
  21. I dunno, I've been playing it on 360 for a few hours now. I like it so far. I think controls will be better on PC. and playing with non stupid humans could be fun. I am gonna grab it on steam. It feels alot like Shadowrun with custimization, which I thought was great. but it never got popular. anyone getting this on steam drop your steam ID. Mines garageink Edited my steam ID cuz I am dumb as a post.
  22. todays little project is frankensteining 2 busted PCs into one media center for my living room TV. I'm going to use my iPad as the mouse and keyboard. does anyone know how to connect a PS3 pad via bluetooth to windows? frontend suggestions are welcome. I'm not totally sold on XBMC
  23. I used to have a guy like that years ago. but with the rise of cheap high speed internet, those kinda pirates have gone the way of the dinos
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