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  1. Nice to see the ol hangout still going.
  2. Two chicks one guy is the only type of 3 way, two dudes and a chick is a train.
  3. Saints Row 4 Splinter Cell Blacklist Lost Planet 3
  4. Still better than the Amazing Spiderman game though
  5. I get around 20 or so but thats not why im on facebook.
  6. I am determined to make some yorkshire pudding
  7. first off all of nicholas sparks movies are complete shit, and why would I ever subject my self to such shitty movies?
  8. Will did that ex take your balls too since you watched the notebook lol
  9. I dont care for fish but when ever there is fish and chip available I jump at it , if done proper its so good
  10. ems can you make a proper yorkshire pudding
  11. there is no "one" there are usually many till you find someone you can tolerate for a longer period of time
  12. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't even have sex with her if it was for free... let alone pay a penny. Guess my tastes are different whats your beef with her lol
  13. I can usually get any particular star but to be honest I dont have a certain star crush lol
  14. LOL Idont pay for porn I can get anything or style or fetish I want for free
  15. I got burnt out on pizza too, I will eat one every once in a while but it has to be right out of the oven hot, I hate cold pizza
  16. So Im thinking you like Pizza a lil bit lol
  17. nice vid both of you guys are hot but the stripes has the hypnotizing tits lol
  18. movies have become such shit, I remember when the summer had nearly all good movies, now you are lucky if you get 1 truly good movie all year
  19. Havent seen a food thread in a while. post recipes if ya got em. my Fav is hot wings, I think everyone knows how to make em but I will post my recipe later,
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