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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Saw the prestige last night. Liked it though you could probably figure it out halfway through the movie but I liked how the little nuances made sense after it was explained.

Indeed... And to top it off Tesla's in it... how can you beat that?!

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Cube is an awesome movie. The sequel is okay, but not as good.


I just saw Max Payne. The movie is very much like the games, in that they are more style then substance, with artistic visuals masking a lacklustre plot.


But you know what? I liked it. The visuals are absolutely gorgeous. I didn't see the twist coming at all. There was one shootout in an office building that had me giggling like a little girl. The story was bland, but the movie still seemed to swathe itself in poetry, despite its deficiencies.


I just think they could have omitted the whole Valkyrie stuff - it would have been a grittier and more realistic film without that element.


I'm really enjoying game-to-film movies. I think I go into the cinema with low expectations, and emerge from the theatre pleasantly surprised.

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I've heard Hyper-cube sucked but cube zero is alright.

as for max payne, there wasn't a whole lot of action the first hour was almost boring. the final 30 minutes or so was very action packed though. it did make me long for a max payne 3 or perhaps a retelling of the first 2 on next gen consoles.

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