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  1. I drive away from all attackers. I get the jet, fly around without being able to kill anyone cause I suck... then I log off.
  2. ~6 hours. Max 8 or I feel tired once awake. Everyone is different, and we also get into habbits. I know a guy who gets about 4 hrs but that is not good for you. Sure you can get accustomed, but being used to something doesnt mean its good.
  3. Oh brother... Light sensual touches, like a delicate caress can do it for some Pulling the hair ever so, grabbing at the roots but gentle enough of a grab as to not pull hair out... then leading the head slightly one way or another. Usually back to get at the neck. Everyone has their likes. And dislikes The neck is a tender area & areas that dont get contact are often sensitive , so there is more physical feedback. Ad the fact that the neck is a very personal area and the combination speaks for itself. As for hair pulling or strong foreplay, it is and can be very sexy to be held
  4. I think it was because I was using my phone. I do have a big head... Huh
  5. Yea past a certain cup size and physics are a double edged blade. The study is interesting tho. It may make sense to go bra less more often, but not completely. Gotta take care least someone gets uppercutted. Best uppercut ever tho Yea that's pretty sensitive skin & its a whole other ball game if they have heft to them.
  6. http://ceogaming.org/ Is a pretty big fighting game tournament. Can't remember his name but the head dude/developer for street fighter was there last year. Dunno if he was there this time, though I did see him in the big monitor talking about something. Perhaps hinting to this 'secret project' of his... He actually has 2 unknown projects, one of which is most likely a sequel to Dark Stalkers
  7. CEO is pretty hype. Had somewhere around 300 ppl playing casuals. One tiny table for my favorite, Tekken Tag 2. A million tables for mvc3. Boooo
  8. Oh, and Im headed out the door soon to check out CEO.
  9. Yes indeed... I'm part of the MAME/MESS team. I also create the derivative builds MESSUI and HBMAME. These things all keep me busy. Excellent. If I remember, you barely even play games. Just tinker to make them function one way or another on builds. What DO you play? Thanks man. I've seen allot of cool pics on your facebook. Beijing must be a blast. So an exciting prospect just popped up. We are Fighter's Spirit / FB We have a very big event scheduled on SEP 7-8. Now this hasnt been announced because its still not solid, but the head honcho at Double Helix just called Mike and is inte
  10. Gotta get those block & dodge mechanics down y'all
  11. I've got pics but I'm on my phone and cant figure out how to import them
  12. What? Hell yea it does congratulations!
  13. Yea I saw that. Gotta start all over again. So Robert, still tinkering with mame builds or whatever?
  14. Its been a while people, whats going in in your life now, what's new. Me, I moved back to Orlando & got a job as a document specialist. My roommate runs a fighting game league & has between working on that for almost a year now. We may actually be part of the road to the fall classic this year. We are part of the FGC. WE ARE FIGHTER'S SPIRIT
  15. Good man thanks. You? Bambi!! Well how are you liking it?
  16. I picked up Fish Island for the Ipad/Phone. Its a pretty good game, Especially considering its free... There isnt much I need translated, but since I know nothing of the language, deciphering it is time consuming. Ill look back on this thread and see if anyone happens to reply to this.
  17. The increase was great... I have slacked for weeks now, but can easily hit 50 still. Developed a new workout or 2 for lats (wings) I have wings now, yay me. Yea been slacking like mad since I bought minecraft on 360 :edited redundancies
  18. I agree. I've been going for overall for starters and Ive grown alot. Its time to step it up and actually get sore. Ive built enough tone as to not hurt myself like I did doing dips.
  19. Just looked it up... since I never seen my abs I never investigated. Always wondered if lop sided abs are set like that... thought maybe one could crunch with a twist to align them, but no. I can see my first 2, the rib cage abs... but I wonder what the rest look like heh 2 more months or so I think. Did 330 counter pushups throughout my shift. sets of 30. Pullups also but I need to blast out some negatives today. I need to get a bench so I can press some weight. Also need to be able to do pulldown workouts. Pulldowns are critical and Im sick of modified innertube technique.
  20. I have to say... your fucking badass!!! I passed a landmark yesterday. Im quite excited. So far my cardio... heart cannot keep up with certain things so I usually push in waves. Well I was jogging and my cardio was fine... my muscles began to hurt a bit as they are not used to extended joggs! Now I am at the place where I can do stuff I just gotta push through the pain and build even further. Im way lighter on my feet even though I still feel heavy. Knees hurt from strain sometimes so I take it easy. Basically im still doing the same stuff, but with more frequency and longer sets. Havent
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