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  1. ... my condolences to you and your family, and your boy's family. I recently survived a highway car accident on the 6th, being sandwiched between a tow-truck that rear-ended the car I was in as passenger in to a pickup truck in front, along with a 4th vehicle (I have photographs but my lawyer doesn't want me talking or sharing details about the incident). I was asleep when it happened and knocked unconscious for a good 6 hours where I woke up in the trauma ER with a concussion and brain hemorrhage, some internal and external damage, then my family found me. I had no clue about any of it happening or the experience of it and being here, now, hearing about your son and thinking on my circumstances, it just makes you wonder ... why am I here and he isn't? Why ... ? I wish your son was as lucky as I was. I am sorry for your loss, ems.
  2. Lol ... I am glad to share this and for once, the fans have used their collective reason to come up with why Goku would win (coughcalleditcough), and, if anything ... It's a fun video just to watch. https://youtu.be/N_rLzaDfcGA
  3. ^ Agreed. Of all the FF's to receive multiple sequels/spinoffs they pick 10? Leather board shorts and surfing? ... wish they'd do a proper FF Tactics sequel, too.
  4. FF7 was so overrated to me, even back in the 90's. Wish they'd remake 6 instead ... you know, make General Leo save-able; figure out GoGo's identity ... Shadow's dreams leading to something.
  5. The Last Guardian please. Shadow of The Colossus was a great game for me. More Street Fighter V also.
  6. Must be why I bought a JXD S7800B. That's pretty badass. Can it play Wii or PS2 games as well? If you want to help upload mobile emulators and/or cover mobile emulators & homebrew since you have this device, let me know. I'm not sure; I haven't experimented all that much with it yet and as far as I know, PS2 emulation is still a developing situation, right? I don't mind helping but my time to do such things is limited so I'll get back to you on that. I had one of those but my screen was scratched up and I had to send it back. Still waiting for my replacement. When I played with it I got oldboy (B&W GB) to work. I only tried Super Mario Land but it worked perfect. I never thought of trying to look for newer systems (PS2, Wii, NGC, etc....) because the HDD was small with only 14.9gb usable. My order form email states that my replacement will be here March 23rd. Veristic did you get yours to work with the Wi-Fi rom downloader or did you add it to the unit yourself (USB)? Both. The Happy Chick Chinese rom app works – for what it's worth – but not everything is available on the app from what I could tell. Granted, my time using it has been limited.
  7. Die in their stool!? LMAO.... How does that even happen? You can die from your vomit, but your own shits? Lol I meant stool as in barstool.
  8. This site is like one of those old bars where only the people who're gonna die in their stool frequent lol.
  9. I have a twitch channel. Yeah, I saw I'm subscribed/following you. Now we just need a game to play.
  10. Play a game(s) as a community, twitch.
  11. Been playing Destiny. Currently 25 Exo Titan.
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