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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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I want to see forbidden kingdom but my old man has put a block on all torrents becasue he is a female organ and he thinks he will get cut off so I cant download any of the ripps, I aint paying 15 quid for a DVD!

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watched Transporter 3 last night..... meh it was what I expected but somehow not as satisfying as parts 1 and 2.


I just finished watching Joe Strummer: The Future is unwritten.

anyone with any interest in The Clash, early punk rock or just music in general should see this film. The man was amazing.

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I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry


Totally enjoyed the film, and diged certain messages. Movie seems centered more about Adam (which is odd considering he's the b!tch throughout the entire film). Since that's the case it's worth a rent or possible view, not a buy. Go buy some of Adam's older work and you'll enjoy it more.


While I morally see right in certain messages, they are a little forced, and I wouldn't be surprised if people left the theater mid-way through the film for that reason. This one scene completely made anti-gay enforcers completely whack and out of sanity, if protests are really that gay(pay attention to the definition here), then that's just fuked up.


Not to mention the end of the movie Adam looked like Hillery Duff's older brother speaking out against the use of words that "demean" the gay community. To set sh!t straight...


No, the word's gay, fag, nigga, and any of those other words the casual take offense too (IE:FUCK) aren't demeaning, they aren't offensive to whole groups of people, it's only you that take offense too it. Learn that most people use these words in different contexts, sh!t, I have a lesbian friend who knows this and even she uses the word "gay" herself to state the obvious of uncool sh!t. So no, when someone says, "That's gay", or, "your a fag", they aren't saying "because it's homosexual it's bad", they're saying something of the equivalent of "that's trash", or, "your a female organ (also not demeaning to women, it simply means your scared like a b!tch or that you are being a little b!tch)". It's called the evolution of language, stop being conservative fuckturds and grow up. It is used to insult, but not an entire community, it's not a noun, it's an adjective.


Think about it this way, if this was an older generation, and your mother just died, you would be told "Forget about it". Isn't that messed up? It's like telling you to ignore the requirement of the mourning of your mother. But language does evolve, and in that context it simply means "What can you do about it?". Unless the person using the phrase is being sarcastic, he's basically telling you to tell him more about what your going through.

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