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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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Indiana Jones 4 - Not as good as the older ones but still a solid Indy flick.


Taken - Liam Neeson, standard revenge movie. Don't know why it's been rated as highly as it has. Still enjoyable enough though.


Death Race - Em... more Jason Statham mayhem.


Death Toll - One of the worst films I can ever remember seeing. Gangsta, DMX, hoods, beyond woeful acting.. you have to see it for yourself.


Head of State - Old comedy with Chris Rock, about the Presidency and his rise to it. Pretty funny.

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last night was slow at work.

Grandma's Boy - hella funny, I could watch this movie 100 times and still laugh.

Final Destination. skipped over this one until now, but I seen FD3 so decided to see the first 2. this one was actually pretty good.

Ginger Snaps - this one is weird. but alright, teen girls and werewolves. what could go wrong?


planning on watching FD2, and the other 2 ginger snaps movies over the next few days.

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