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"Hi! I'm new here!"

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Hello I'm...pretty much brand new here lol. I go by the moniker of Ghostie both on youtube (GhostsAreCool which is my...very first account there, and also on TheEngagedGamers youtube page, where I som

Welcome ROB

hi i'm frm singapore too

i also discovered dis wonderful forum while lookin fer svc (i still tink cvs2 is the best!)


anyway i collect games n consoles. but recently my consoles started puking the cds and cartridges back at me... so i had to emulate...


i support the companies dat make games!(i'm in the gaming industry myself)

but i tink emulating is really kewl too~!


hope to see dis site top the rest in years to come~!

gr8 site gamecop~! :)

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hi guys! good idea with this "introduce yourself" thread gamecop!

found the site while searching for SVC! (like most of us)! i'm realy

lucky i found u guys cuz if i hadn't i'd still be a retard at terms like

bootleg or dumped!

anyway my real name is alex and i'm from Romania (a country with

very few emulomaniax)


fav chars: iori, shingo, genjuro, akuma/gouki, kyo, yamazaki, orochi, goenitz, chris

kaede, minakata moriya, geese;

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halo ppl, I'm newbie to forums.. but anyway, I enjoy emu/roms as well.. :D

found the svc chaos from this site and had just downloaded the rom..

just like to share a small link with you all, this is a gd place where you can dwnload free ring tones for your mobile phones.. try it. :P www.jimmyzone.com


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Hi, I'm like new and stuff.........

Wait, no I'm not! <_>


Just felt like introducing myself, since I never really did when these forums started up.


I'm 22 from Canada and I love the technical side of emulation. (Just seeing what can be accomplished)

Favourite emulators are ZSNES, RockNESx, Project64, Gens and ePSXe.

I love Action/Adventure games and first person shooters.

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hello everybody! My name is Cory, and I'm located in New Brunswick Canada. I like to play video games, paintball, and hockey. I also like music and finding rare/cool things on the net <_< . Which is how I found this site. I was searching google trying to find out how to run rage of the dragons on kawa-x for the xbox, and found the huge kawa-x plus thread which is full of valuable info. I thought I had already found all the great emulation sites/forums, but I defiantly missed this little gem!! lots of great info and seems quite friendly. Defiantly want to become part of this community.

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