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  1. Hello. I own a GamGear since a couple of days! What are the best and rarest games for this system to purchase?
  2. thanks for all the help and if people wanna help to, al help is wanted
  3. Yeah checking ebay right now but its hard to find something descent... some of y'all can help me out? Never used ebay by the way
  4. check this website http://www.robwebb.clara.co.uk/shop/copiers/copiers.htm I am interested in one of those things!
  5. Any people know some sites where I can look for people who sell their copybox? Hopefully European sites cause I am dutch!
  6. Aight in a while I will receive mij Sega megadrive (thats how we call teh 16 bit computer in The netherlands) byt which games are reallly good to find and even more important, which games are good to buy because they are really wanted...
  7. How does Zinc work? I tried it one time on my Pentium 4 2.00 GHz 256 MB RAM intern but it did not work... whats the deal?
  8. Thanks but only one of them is running....can someone help me out?
  9. Yo guys...I forgot the Emuromhub on DC++ cause I had an computer crash...can some of you guys tell me the exact name please? The URL please!
  10. Thanks! Where can I get those plug ins?
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