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  1. GBA-R goes by "scene releases and numbers them".. which is why there are numbers infront of the rom name and why it only *really* supports "official" releases by groups. Ren just throws every god damn known pos for gba into 1 "thing" I use clrmamepro dat done by pocketheaven for my renaming, since i just stick with scene releases. and wow.. old.. haha
  2. Darkfader wont release more games because he is homebrew, which is why he released metroid.. its a demo not retail. You can extract images from the rom and even listen to the sound. Most of that stuff / files are on gbadev.org somewhere in the forum. And yea the mario release was a fake. It was released on usenet a bit before the metroid dump.
  3. there was an ascii version of the roof scene from the original matrix movie. was done pretty damn well. im sure if u google it you could find it.
  4. there is a reason why u wont see billy jr release kof2k3 any time soon is because he probably hasnt made his money from it. so untill someone else dumps it we could be waiting a long time. billjr sells bootlegs and so on ( for those of u who didnt know ) so untill he has made his money back and or made the money he wants he wont release it any time soon. same thing went for ROTD took like 1yr to get released as a rom didnt it? so kof2k3 could be out tommorow.. end of month.. 5 months maybe a year, who knows only time will tell.
  5. the PSX is just a ps2 with tivo.. not alot else.. pretty crap actually ... the ps3 wont be out for a few more yrs, the ps2 is still killin the competition so sony has no rush. plus i dont believe the cell is properly finished yet if it will use it. would be nice if THAT was the new ps"3" design.. its damn nice, maybe sony will check it out and maybe use it.. one can only hope. but then again the "prototype" pics of the ps2 looked better than the real ps2 which is ashame ( remember the prototype with the little lcd screen.. ahh that looked cool )
  6. anyone feeling rich? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...0&category=3945
  7. uber old, uber fake... was posted about 2 months ago.. most ppl seem to believe its fake and i would agree.. its not the ps3 logo shown at whatever show it was at a while back. if it were true would be nice!
  8. ipv6 is inevitable as were runnin outta ipv4 ip numbers, especially in the asian region. ipv6 gives u a bigger ip number meaning there is a crapload more combinations for an ip. eg. ipv4 your ip number could be and thats all.. an ipv6 number is a crap load longer and can include letters ( like a mac addy ) which gives u so many combinations for an ip address its bound to last every human on eart and mars and probably other mystical planets. you could easily just do a google for ipv6 that should help you out. i *think* thats all right.. im hoping it is.. been a while since i looked at my cisco crap hehe
  9. hardcore protection i believe is the reason for no cps3 emulation. also u could buy a dreamcast and just play the cps3 games on that ( street fighter 3 and so on ) im sure it will be done one day but not just yet. maybe 2k4 will bring us something interesting in emulation!
  10. mame32 they released there own mame which is now updated for metal slug 5 support. go easy as the site seems to be getting the crap leeched from it.
  11. i despise the slide with all my might. i love to press down then jump so i can shoot downwards, but nooooo i cant do that now cause u frickin slide apart from that i dont mind it. not as good as it could have been, but fun none the less.
  12. phuck-ign mame ( pignmame ) has support for those games but not mslug5 which i believe was being worked on. dont see why its so hard since there is a dos version of mame that can play it. but hopefully we will see a updated version any time now. http://phuck-ign.com/memberstuff/Blop/Pign...gnMAMESetup.exe thats the link for pignmame.
  13. edit: crap i double posted by accident post down below is better!
  14. also rumour had it icarus wont even get a public release his just doing it for himself which is probably why its never been released. also seems to have kinda started emulating mario kart DD. ive been following its progress since day 1. its moving along very well.
  15. ah it was on irc.. i guess i could place it maybe on my yahoo account if u want it.. and if its allowed. ah screw it go here the crap mame.zip is your emu, neogeo.zip is the other bios files. download both, stick the required bios files in your mslug5nd.zip folder, stick ya mslug zip in the "roms" folder and run the bat. should work. if u get "files missing" make sure there renamed right in the zip etc. not too hard take it easy on the geocities wont ya
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