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  1. I used to live with a Korean F.O.B. That kids skipped all his classes and would play 10 hours a day. He would dominate on U.S. servers but only average on the Korean servers. And he flunked all his classes.
  2. It should be fun to run around in the jungle, a fresh break from all the buildings of the last two. I think it was on IGN or some site that says Big Boss is a lot rougher than Solid Snake is. That is cool, especially all the ways he uses his knife to take people down or gut them in the trailers. The most interesting thing is why he switches sides, which seems to be the central theme. This is partially peeked at in the E3 2004 trailer when the older woman talks. Everyone has seen this already though. Don't listen to little kids, they're stupid.
  3. Iori Yagami (Last of the Yagami Clan) Snake Plissken (Solid Snake) Dante (Son of Sparda) Terry Bogard (The Lone Wolf) Sub-Zero (Leader of the Lin Kuei Clan)
  4. Capcom VS SNK 2 Virtua Fighter 4: Evo One has the coolest cast of characters hands down, the other one is the deepest fighter ever. Classics that cannot be ignored: Street Fighter II Fatal Fury Art of Fighting Mortal Kombat II Samurai Showdown IV King of Fighter '97 (go Blood Riot Iori) Killer Instinct Tekken 3 Street Fighter Alpha 2 Garou: Mark of the Wolves Street Fighter III: Third Strike Guilty Gear Marvel VS Capcom 2 Bushido Blade Soul Calibur II
  5. The film was all right, I didn't like the last third of the movie though. The setup was awesome when Cruise was calm and blowing out one liners. When he went psycho, I got bored. As far as Tom Cruise in Last Samurai, wait don't you mean Dances With Wolves II, or Last of the Mohicans II? When the lone white man saves the minority people?
  6. Hmm...Bill Gates must be proud. What a great country we live in. Wonder if politicians will blame video games causing the warping of our nation's youth, again, because of these psychos.
  7. Use one of the window MAMEs. Makes me feel old when people don't know about it anymore. I still remember DOS stuff, it's ingrained, I can't dig it out of my head.
  8. I think the stupidest thing ever was what my friend pulled a year ago. He sold 2 toasted peanut butter sandwiches. Both had over 5 different users bid on it. One of them sold for $15.00 and the other for $10.00. Wish I still had the links. He stopped doing it because he was afraid he would get in trouble with the law.
  9. This kind of thing is not easy. I think the effort and time spent is more than the product price. My friend did a thing similiar to this. The kind where you just have to sign up for stuff. He did a lot of signing up and cancelling. Then paid $40.00 for processing fess and got an Xbox. It took 4 months though, but its legit. Never completely free.
  10. Not really freaky, just incredibly stupid. Why would he publish a bunch of personal info on the web?
  11. Just saw a sneak preview. This movie is new stoner movie for this decade. It does have some good things about it though. Not only is it funny, their is some social commentary about race. One of the few films that star Asian actors. I recommend at least one viewing of this.
  12. N groove - Iori, Terry, Chunli 2ndary: K groove - Haomaru, Bison, Ryu
  13. Hands down, the iPod is the best due to the ease of use for it. You don't have to fuddle with a lot of software and converting stuff like the other MP3 players. (you can check out forums of people frustrated with getting songs onto other brands' players on the web) iPod's own interface is better than the rest as well.
  14. i'm going there, the end of may, tell me whats cool to do there!!!
  15. everytime i get medium rare steak at denny's, big boy'sor grills, they always flock up and i get a purple reddish raw steak.
  16. it's an awesome movie, heard the 2nd one blows though.
  17. my nick came about after much thinking of something cool sounding for my email. this was back around '97.
  18. I've never talked to her. I'll try. Go go go!!!! You can do it !!!! Remember, flattery never hurts my friend.
  19. I color edited almost everyone in the game. A few, such as the Iori and Benimaru Edits are my own, others are from the web. If you are interested in any of these, feel free to check out the previous link posted http://shingotink.tripod.com/, or contact me You make cool things like a Matrix team, a Hulk team, X-Men team, Marvel team, Video game team, Anime team, Flashing team, etc... Here's what I've done: Original SFII ---------- Smurf Ryu - blue skin, white gi Gay Ken - purple hair, light blue gi Beast (X-men) Blanka - blue skin and hair Movie Chunli - darker skin tone, dark red costume Incredible Bulk Honda - green skin, purple skirt thingie Incredible Hulk Zangief - green skin, purple briefs Eva - 03 (Evangelion) Dhalsim - gray skin white skulls Shirtless Guile - dark tan, tan and brown camoflauge pants Spiderman Vega - blue and red outfit Frankenstein Balrog - pale white skin, dark hair, i used red for the outfit Spawn Sagat - dark grey skin and shorts, red bandages Red Skull Bison - red face, dark grey outfit Misc. SF --------- Goku Akuma - black hair, orange gi, dark blue belt Super Saiyan Shin Akuma - yellow hair, orange gi, dark blue belt Shenlong Dan - brown hair with a streak of white, dark greyish gi, dark brown skin Ranma Yun - red shirt, dark gray pants Nude Cammy - flesh colored outfit to blend with skintone, brown boots Pantyless Sakura - adjust the red out of her panties to flesh color Luigi Eagle - brown hair, blue pants and suspenders, green shirt Vampire Evil Ryu - white skin, black hair, red gi Other Capcom ---------------- She-Hulk Maki - green skin, purple outfit Neo (Matrix) Kyosuke - black hair, very dark grey suit Elf Morrigan - green skin and hair, red outfit Ice Cold Rolento - pale grey skin, light blue outfit and cap Fatal Fury ----------- Enzo (Reboot) Terry - green skin, black hat and vest, white shirt, dark blue jeans Adon (SFA) Joe Higashi - red hair, lighter skin, blue shorts Mystique (X-men) Mai - red hair, light blue-purplish skin, white outfit Guy (Final fight) Kim - red orange gi Bane (Batman) Raiden - black mask, black outfit Oompa Loompa Yamazaki - gren hair, orange skin, brown outfit Morpheous Geese - dark brown skin, almost black outfit Dante (Devil May Cry) Rock - red out fit, white hair with gray highlights Art of Fighting ---------------- Cloud (FFVII) Ryo - platinum blonde hair, dark purple suit Pink and Pantyless Yuri - pink gi, flesh color the stockings Michael Jackson King - black hair, white outfit w/ black trimmings Mario Todo - red shirt, blue vest, blue pants KOF ----- Solid Snake Kyo - weird light green outfit, dark undershirt, brown hair Alucard (Hellsing) Iori - black hair, white shirt, red vest, black pants Goth Benimaru - very dark purple hair and pants, black shirt, superpale skin Asuka (Evangelion) Athena - reddish brown hair, red outfit Trinity Vice - black hair, black outfit Santa Chang - white hair, red suit, chains with green highlight Eva - 01 (Evangelion) Riot Iori - purple hair and suit, green shirt, orangish skin The Mask Rugal - green skin, yellow suit, white shirt Joker Omega Rugal - white skin, green hair, purple suit Samurai Showdown and Last Blade ----------------------- Genjuro Hamouru - light purple hair, turqouise outfit, with light purple trimmings Kasumi (DOA) Nakaruru - light brown hair, light blue outfit with white trimmings Flashing Hibiki - white gi, flesh colored for the chest
  20. Undertaker's entrance with the old school bell toll was off the hook, everyone at BW3's started cheering when he came in. I liked the Cruiserweight match, but Rey got screwed over. Christian is funny as hell as usual and seeing Molly get her head shaved was wrong, but also funny. I liked the Foley match, too bad he lost but I'm glad Eddie and Benoit won. Seeing the hall of famers like Sgt. Slaughter was pretty nice.
  21. Is it really called Snake Eater? That is definitely a very raunchy name... snake eater. I hope Snake does go all gay on here... "Snake Eater" is the nickname for Army Rangers, if I remember right, or one of the other special forces. It is NOT some gay name created exclusively by Hideo for this game.
  22. jsut buy the DVDs, there less than 10 bucks on eBay. i have all the movies talked about so far minus Fist of the Legend on DVD. ALL 10 BUCKS OR LESS!!!!!
  23. good luck to ya, in 2 more months, i might be where you're at
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