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  1. it it is a problem of d-pads then jsut get a ps converter for the pc its an adapter usb usually and u can use a ps controllter or.. if you must there are some for x-box... ... but if its a problem bad then pay 10 bucks for a sidewinder and keep the adapter for the ps con.. for a friends to play against u.. all in all its only about 15 in all for both... remember shingo loves you ^^
  2. the game i was refering to was more of an rpg it wasnt that expansive but looked promising. it had limited characters though.. i had the .exe of it but had no korean extensions so i could play it ne way i will look around for more stuff i found alot of info on kof2oo3 at one site ask me bout it.. ^^ remember shingo loves you
  3. just asking.. can u see my signature?? its acting up it looks liek this..
  4. hey ^^ actually they are making a 3d kof game and there is alrady one out in korea, big over there but i think it iwill make a nice coversion. but they are still keeping the 2d genre alive.. no dout but still it wouldnt hurt to try new thing specially if snk does it !! remember shingo loves you ^^^^
  5. lol go down go up... mister drill got the stuff.. i think its him unless they all know... remember shingo loves you
  6. i like it but the back ground doesnt seem to suit the text style... but all in all its decent. i would like to you some tribute stuff from u later. ^^ remember shingo loves you
  7. I am shingo ^^ i also found this site on a svc hunt and to my surprise found alot of samsho info.. all in all this site is very useful and i come here bout every day for checking up..i like about every game for neogeo and i have been in it for 4 yrs now .... remember, shingo loves u!
  8. the main person that is my fav is iori, but shingo on the other hand is really strong considering him not having "powers" but from wat i heard iori and i think athena are toned down b/c of overwelming combos...
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