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  1. These are terrible. Also, it seems that all women who built up don't have tits anymore. BTW, what are hunchbacks?
  2. This is the most interesting post of the day. Thanks Devia.
  3. Agozer is right, as usual I really liked Resident Evil and Metal Gear Solid.
  4. Absolutely. I wonder why they set up those stupid justice courts. The only justice needed is a shot in the head, Mad Max style. Oh a world like in Mad Max, now that would be great. Really. EDIT: of course, if someone directly attacks you, you should defend yourself. But there's no need to defend your neighbour's garden.
  5. The flocker hasn't been convicted??? Is this still true or is it just justice being slow?
  6. As long as you try to be understood by all it's fine
  7. If you kill that person, his friends or family will probably want to kill you afterwards. While still not a valid reason for murder, it would be a better reason than a robbery. Sure it's not nice for your brother but it certainly doesn't deserve death. You're probably a saint, right? You never hurt anybody? If you did, you may consider applying what you said and just shoot yourself.
  8. You sound like you think that english is my native language. It is not. There are lots of spanish speaking boards on internet; it's not like if you found someone speaking nepalese. It's just a question of respect speaking english when that is the only common language between the readers of the board.
  9. Rubio... sabes que estas en un foro donde tienes que hablar ingles? No solo tienes que hablar ingles, pero si hablas espanol la gente que no lo habla no puede ayudarte. Venga, no creo que es dificil hablar un poco ingles si buscas ayuda. PD: si buscas ayuda en ingles, puedes dar consejos en ingles tambien. EDIT: meh, I forgot to transalate what I said. Basically, I said that he should speak english and that if he can look for help in english, he can give advices in english too.
  10. I wouldn't kill you for it. Plus in jail, not a nice experience to begin with, you'd probably get ass-raped which would make you think again about it.
  11. If I was an american robber, I guess I'd carry a weapon just in case I met some psychopath like you. Seriously, WTF are you thinking? Killing someone for some stupid material stuff? By the way, the percentage of the population in jail is much higher in the U.S. than in Europe, so don't say that more crimes go unpunished or with a lesser punishment in the states than in Europe.
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