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  1. what this one? http://oggg.dip.jp/other/KOF2003.zip it is just pictures
  2. Hi guys, I just downloaded this game and I cannot run this game on winkawaks 1.46 can anyone make me a loader for this or anyway to run this game this is my screenshot for the zip file of the rom
  3. I agree with gamecop, I hope this thread will be clean and no arguing bout the game... ^ _ ^
  4. check out this site -How about no? Read board rules.- it has power I.
  5. cool now I know what is that for thanx Disoblige
  6. oops I forgot to include the site...lol here are the movelist again it has ss5, kof2k2 and svc movelist http://www.guardcrush.com/ and the d button use for charging ur death slash and it is really cool move it is like the show on samurai x and also it is used to dodge enemy's attack
  7. ummm there is games there just click the enter button and youll see the latest games
  8. oops sorry my mistake I just figure it out how....and what emu.... sorry for the trouble
  9. check this site it has move list as well the description of each character... I love this game but the graphics are poor, but the fighting system are the best I use the main character that has many swords I have 26 combos on that charater... lol that old man that always fly really get in to my nerves I use Mina on that one, even I didnt use mina I can defeat that flying old man most of the time when I look people who are playing that old man he is really tough but still I can hit him an arrow as easy as could be...lol
  10. for those who want svc move list as well ss5 visit this site http://www.guardcrush.com/
  11. Hi guys please help me Im having problem getting this game to work I have this rom and I try lots of emus but they didnt detected my rom can anyone tell me what is the proper emulator for this game it say.bin thanx I really appreciate it
  12. OMG I hope this game will be out SVC is really popular here in our country and I have it already on pc my friends ask me where did I get that SVC lol Im excited to get this game
  13. hey found really good way if your health is down and there is a blue bar on ur life press (when you are on the left) press houdeken backward then c + d you should perform a death slash in slowmotion and when you are in slowmotion press hoduken forward then b + c +d to perform one hit slash and ur opponent is kill hahahha that is reall cool you can charge that by pressing d you should see that ur charging and ur slash gauge is rising hehe also use forward d to jump besides ur opponent and c to grab him then slash him with a sorry bout my english lol thats all
  14. Im on dialup If you want pm me and ill give you the link to our server and you can download it from there its http server open 24hours it has samurai showdown 5 Ive tested it and it works and im playing it
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