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  1. And I was thinking it would be KOF with double the resolution and better special effects.
  2. Well I can only find the N64 version on P2P and I know where to get the arcade version, but those aren't the ones I want.
  3. Speaking of fighting games that should be available for the PC. The one I would like to find at the moment is Mace the dark age. It seems that some people managed to get their hands on a copy but I hadn't seen it as a widespread release. At the arcade it used a 3Dfx graphics chip and I had seen from previews that the PC version is supposed to be even better. I would like to see it.
  4. That was Mortal Kombat 4, the home versions (PSX, N64 and PC since it was just a port of the PSX version) weren't nearly as good as the arcade. But the dreamcast version, called Mortal Kombat Gold was.
  5. Prican I am having the same problem as you. I then tried renaming the roms and that didn't work.
  6. Hi, my name is Smoke Tetsu, but most people just call me Tetsu. I've been a LONG time arcade games, and emulation fan but this is the first time I have come and posted here. I like most fighting games and like to try new ones, but my favorites are the King of Fighters series, Samurai showdown, Street Fighter, etc. I've been into the Neo Geo since it first came out and it's my favorite system to emulate. I also like first person shooters and other action games a lot.
  7. I have tried out a few PC gamepads, Gravis Gamepad Pro, Microsoft Sidewinder, a pad that came with a capcom game, Wingman Rumblepad, and Saitek P880 dual analog. I liked the sidewinder but after a while it's d-pad started breaking (becoming unresponsive). So I started shopping around for a pad. One major thing for me is that I want to have 6 buttons on the top for fighting games such as the Capcom fighters and have analog sticks, rumble is a plus. So gamepads with 4 on the top are automatically disqualified for me. The logitech pad fit the bill and had great rumble in force feedback games, but it's d-pad was horrible for fighters. I had a hard time pulling off the moves. I then took that back and I was looking for the new Saitek pads that have rumble, 6-buttons on the top, and dual analog. But my local Game Stop only had the one without rumble but anyway I got it and it's d-pad is a heck of a lot better than the logitech wingman rumblepad. I pull off the moves with ease with that pad (though the pad is exposed on the top but it still works good anyway, best of any I tried maybe a little better than the sidewinder). The only bad part of either pads is that the d-pad by default is a hat switch and you have to hit a button to toggle the main joystick axis between the d-pad and the left analog stick. Though after all is said and done I think the ultimate pad is not a pad at all. Rather, it is a arcade joystick if you are a hardcore fighting game fan.
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