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  1. Roster looks tiny. Vs. games with small rosters disappoint me. Should still be fun, though.
  2. I don't have any amazing stories about my first time. I got high, it was fun. Went to sleep later, woke up fine the next morning. Ho hum.
  3. One day we're going to see Belthasar on the news as some kind of serial killer. At least, that's the vibe I'm getting here. lol
  4. I shall ready the sacrificial ceremony in honor of your glorious march into combat.
  5. Dogs woke me up early this morning. I don't have work today, though, so that might be fun. Not that it normally takes up any large portion of my day.
  6. I've never finished The Suffering, but the characters make me go insane (puns, haha). I really enjoyed what I finished, and don't remember why I haven't finished.
  7. I don't like the bags, it doesn't taste the same to me. It doesn't taste the same to me, either, which is why I prefer the bags.
  8. I thought they were all just GTAIII with better gfx? Apart from the addition of swimming/helis there hasn't really been much of a change of anything. Well, the last two were exactly that. Vice City and San Andreas were basically subtitles to GTAIII. GTAIV though, is actually new sounding.
  9. Watched Code Geass yesterday. Ending left me sort of uneasy. Work a bit later than usual today, because they cut me down to about ten hours. I'm not sure exactly why, but it's probably related to the manager being gone. She's a month or two pregnant now, and she was having problems with dehydration and one or more nutrition deficiencies. I really need to find a new job, anyway. The job itself isn't bad, but I can't get by on near minimum wage at ten hours a week. The owner's a prick, too, comes in once a month or so to biatch at whatever we happen to be doing at the time. I also have some sort of sore thing in my ass, right at the end. I think it's a tumor or something. It's been there a while, pretty much ignorable, but now it hurts. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do about that. I wrote the first half of that a while ago, and I don't feel like editing it, but today I found out that the manager is actually trying to get fired so she can sue the place for firing a pregnant woman. Not sure how that'll work out, but the company kind of deserves it. I'll probably quit around the time she's fired. Unless she isn't, then I'll have to quit on my own. She's doing a good job of trying to get fired without letting people on to her plan.
  10. Yeah, I make a lot of these. I usually make the bags, but still make a lot of the cups. I've never seen it turn green. I let it sit for days before I get around to throwing it away, too.
  11. This is very amusing. lol Oh, god, some of that is just bad.
  12. The Wii is too different for ports of a lot of these things. Graphics would have to be toned down, controls would have to be altered. It's got nothing to do with Wii's software sales, it just wouldn't work. There's no chance of a Wii game getting ported to another system either, for the same reasons. This makes it a unique console in a see of games that play on the 360, PS3, and PC.
  13. DS game with Super Nintendo graphics. Fail. At least they're pretty good Super Nintendo graphics.
  14. Actually, MvC had an excuse. Capcom had already made a Marvel superheroes fighting game for the PS1. I'm still not buying superhero fatalities. If they tone them down, then MK fans won't bother playing as them (because at this point all anyone wants to see in MK is how awesomely you can murder your opponent) Lucky we have some DC fans in the world then, huh?
  15. Its been forever and a half since I played it. but didn't he have a teleport in MK1? I remember spamming it to win a tourney. The game is a licensing nightmare, designed to rape our fond childhood memories of Superman/Liu Kang (depends on the type of child you were as to which of these you have fond memories of) with a crossover which makes less sense than 4chan's /b/ as a whole. They will either take out fatalities, rendering MK truly nothing but a Street Fighter clone, or they will grant DC characters their own fatalities, which 99% of the heroes in DC would never use on moral grounds. The whole thing is simply stupid. If you've been paying attention, you'd know that Mortal Kombat characters and DC Villains get fatalities, and DC Heroes get less gruesome finishers because fatalities would be against their morals. And honestly, did Marvel vs. Capcom make sense? Not really. It was still awesome, though.
  16. That was good, but so was the original. Alient Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal
  17. I'm looking forward to this game now. I think it could be fun. It would have to be positively terrible to do poorly with the lineup they have going.
  18. Amazing, terrible, or just disturbing? You be the judge.
  19. Welcome back, yo, bomb sheezy, fo rizzle.
  20. I get to sit in my 40 degree basement all weekend. Alone. Trust me, this is my idea of a good time.
  21. So, out of curiosity, what was Vista supposed to have that XP didn't, other than DirectX 10? And is there any reason DirectX 10 couldn't function on XP?
  22. I have a friend who uses Vista. Says it works all right. I've thought about upgrading.
  23. The only part anyone cares about is multiplayer. If they don't have any new features planned for multiplayer, then there's no reason to release this game.
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