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  1. Apparently my Steam knowledge is lacking. I'm not really a huge fan of Steam.
  2. Well, my point is that there was no real choice in what skills you learned. Each character learned a specific set of skills in a specific linear order. It was essentially based on level, except there was probably a type of enemy in some far off corner of the planet that gave a lot of tech points and little experience, or possibly the other way around. What would be cool, is something like the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy Ten, except with limits on how much of it you could occupy. If you can just activate the whole grid, then the characters lose all uniqueness. Maybe even have a different grid for each character. I don't know. I just think leveling your characters should add an additional challenge to the game, rather than remove challenge from the other parts.
  3. Well that's not really much different.
  4. dude what are you talking about you didn't learn skills based on level in CT o_O Didn't you? I must be dumb, then. How did it work?
  5. As far it is still planned - am not sure if the PC guys are laughing . I think console versions will have bonus characters the PC one won't. But it's on the PC, so they can be user patched in. Still, that's a dick move.
  6. I had no idea who Viacom was before I read this, but now I know that they're a bunch of dicks.
  7. A Final Fantasy fighting game could be pretty fun. Like I said aeons ago, I enjoyed Ehrgeiz. I would definitely want to see a roster larger than what they have right now, though.
  8. Just because it's unnecessary doesn't mean it's not funny. I think a remake of the game might have some potential. Add some sort of skill system aside from learn X skill at Y level. Maybe instead of menu based combat, more of an action RPG system like Kingdom Hearts had.
  9. And that's how Square makes their money. Then the repeat the process with their new money, and we keep getting their slop titles. My honest opinion is that Chrono Trigger was less than impressive even when it was released. I don't think it would even be noticed these days if it didn't have Square-Enix stapled to the cover.
  10. So what is the PS3's price at now, and what may it be at if it gets a price cut in the next few months? Also, since all of these multimedia features are worthless to anyone with a computer built in the last ten years, what are some of the better games on the system?
  11. At first I thought CT meant Clock Tower, and I was excited. Then I found out it actually meant Chrono Trigger, and I was severely disappointed.
  12. If the PS3 gets more price cuts and Disgaea 3 comes out on it, I might actually buy one.
  13. Cosplay the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire.
  14. Those and the DS games are actually my favorites. This looks pretty cool, though. I'll have to see exactly how it turns out, but it has potential.
  15. You played the series to figure out you don't like it? I play it because the series has potential and then falls short due to frustrating game design.
  16. X-2 would've been my favorite, if it weren't for the percentage thing going on. If you didn't have to find every tiny little obscure cutscene in the game to unlock the mascot, then it would've been my favorite, easy. It even had a fair deal of difficulty. The class system was great, with all the styles and motifs that make Final Fantasy what it is (or should be, at least). Though a few were really overpowered (free megalixers coming out of your ass for the win), none of the classes were really as useless as some of the ones in five. Throw in a handful of fun minigames and side quests and the game is cruising towards perfect, up until the usual Final Fantasy killer of being forced to use a guide rears its head. You just can't get 100% without using a cheat sheet, and it kills the game like it kills all the others.
  17. That's some high quality cardboard box, man. I can dig it.
  18. Titan Quest is pretty good, but I can't stand how you always look and move the same. One model for everything you could play as. If it weren't for that, it probably would've been amazing.
  19. I've played all of them. One through 12, Tactics, Tactics Advance, X-2, probably others I'm forgetting. I've finished Seven through Ten-2, and both tactics games. My favorite is Eight, because it actually has some semblance of difficulty with it's leveling system. I don't actually like eight, it's still bad, not unlike most other Final Fantasy games, but it would fall under the category of favorite.
  20. Lol, I always use Bone Arrow to get through I always had Bone Armor active, but it got more health from bone wall and bone prison than it did from putting points into the actual skill.
  21. I've only really played a Necromancer since the synergy patch. Everything else seems so confusing, but with the Necromancer, I just put all of my points into my bone spells, sans bone armor, and I'm good to go.
  22. Yes, the 10 or so million others must just not be as sensible as you are. Well, seriously, you guys are all complaining about how terrible the art or lore is, and how they flocked everything up. I haven't seen a single comment on gameplay, even though there's a very good ten minute video with commentary focused solely on gameplay. So here, I think the gameplay looks like Diablo, which is going to be fun. What are your thoughts?
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