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  1. Sony is supposedly scrapping the backwards hardware compatibility format for a monthly online library subscription to legacy PSN games I believe, from what I've read ... is that still in effect if anyone can confirm? Yes hardware compatibility was scrapped, they are going to integrate the PSN service with Gaikai's streaming service (remember onLive?) so that you can play your PS1/PS2 games through a cloud service, eventually leading the way for PS3/Vita cloud gaming as well. It's still speculation atm (the service is expected to start in the second half of the year) and I'm fairly certain that even if you own the game you're still going to have to buy it again a second time on the service.
  2. It feels like just yesterday this place got a clean-up. I still feel like it's 2010.
  3. It's been a good year, hope you all enjoyed it as well! Happy Holidays!
  4. The only next-gen system I see myself getting is the Wii U, and that's only for Smash Bros.
  5. Just opened a .exe file from an E-Mail address I'm not familiar with, o the stupid things I do.

  6. You can clear the late-game area's right from the start after the tutorial. It isn't easy however and I don't recommend it until you've familiarized yourself with the game first. I got started on the expansion part of the game and just stopped playing afterwards, it's one of the best titles I've ever played.
  7. Everyone on r/movies is head over heels for Pacific Rim, I didn't really enjoy it. I wanted the movie to take itself seriously but in the end whenever one of the characters spoke it felt like they were trying to add more cheese with every word. It also doesn't help that 80% of the monster fights are shown to you in the trailer. I expected more from the dude who made Pan's Labyrinth. I saw Kick Ass 2 on Saturday and it fell short in the same way. The people in charge of the film had previously said they weren't going to do any of the serious stuff the comic did (I'm happy they didn't) but in order to do so they ended up sacrificing the aggressive tone the first movie had and it ended up being Mean Girls with guns. It was enjoyable however and I ended up liking the film regardless of my complaints, the jokes were nice .
  8. FFXIV, it feels like GW2 with FFXI's job system. There are still some things I dislike (Dailies are too short and you're given too little an allowance) but overall it feels like something I'll be playing for the next few months. Can't wait for the actual release in a week .
  9. Sony's practically giving away some of their kits. Looks sleek, has Steam's "Big Picture" feel to it.
  10. I feel anger only sucks when you delve into it. I just ask myself "Why am I angry?" and the reason usually snaps me out of it. For other reasons (like something you can't control or change), I feel that holding on to it doesn't help much either so I try to let it go by ignoring it and looking to the brighter side of things.
  11. I use MotionJoy. http://www.motioninjoy.com/ I download the drivers there first, then run the application once to make sure they're installed. Afterwards, I download Better DS3. http://betterds3.ciebiera.net/ It's offline and doesn't have your machine running ads off their app. It also has about the same amount of features as the regular DS3 tool (stuff like 360 Controller mapping, which is really useful for newer realeses). If you have a bluetooth reciever you can use the same programs as well to run the controller wirelessly.
  12. Cracked had an article saying that we used to sleep in two sessions through out the day. Only recently have humans adapted the idea of sleeping in 8-10 hour sessions. Me personally I sleep when I can. It's relaxing .
  13. This movie is going be awesome, yet suck really hard at the same time.
  14. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.
  15. It's free to play, exclusive to Xboned. Only one character comes unlocked when you download the game, you have to purchase each other individual character from the store. The prices haven't been released yet so it might come out to a full $60 new game when you're done unlocking everything, that's being hopeful.
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