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  1. What server? I'm on Frostmane. I play on Akama, Horde side. Co leader of Scurvy Crew.
  2. So wait, does it work? I'm actually looking to buy one now for Disgaea 3, but am trying to save money because the things are so overpriced. If it works I think I'd take it.
  3. I think I've said it before, but I found the original Megaman games very difficult. I much prefer X, or Zero, or ZX. Not the most impressive naming schemes, but still. I've been playing some WoW, and some Warhammer, and some Heroes of Might and Magic V.
  4. It actually makes very good bread. I wonder if I can't find the recipe for that and share it.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of beer personally, tastes like moldy bread. This isn't to say I actually know anything about liquor, I just drink what's handed to me (which 50% of the time is something someone mixed after they had been drinking a few hours).
  6. Titan Quest is pretty cool, I hate how your character looks, though. Then all of your characters look the same, too. No personality at all. That's its biggest flaw, anything else would be minor and ignorable.
  7. I thought it looked fun, I'm looking forward to it. I'll throw in that I'd like to see Robotnick/Eggman, but as a playable character rather than a villain.
  8. Battle Moon Wars. It's Super Robot Wars, except with teenage girls instead of robots. I see no flaws.
  9. I don't think Jimmy John's is local, persay, just a bit rarer than some. I know I have one or two in this area. I uh...forgot what I did last night, but I don't remember anything being fun.
  10. Apparently the faulty code wipes your hard drive.
  11. I had some fun with Spore. Wouldn't recommend buying it for the DRM reasons, but it's worth playing if you can.
  12. It doesn't look like they're quite done with that character. I think he's one of the ones cavorting about in their new stolen minivan.
  13. Watched the whole thing, loved it. Can't wait to see the remaining episodes.
  14. I didn't have any major problems with the second season. I felt like they could've extended it a bit, but there was a writer's strike, can't do much about it.
  15. I love Heroes personally, think it's amazing. I'm gonna watch it and enjoy it.
  16. That was actually the exact same image I saw posted in a different forum in response to this video. Friend's clan forums or something.
  17. Seconded. I think the tattoos could've been a bit better on her legs and it'd be fine, the faces though are a bit odd I think.
  18. I remember I had a conversation with my mom once about me getting a tattoo. I'm all like, "It'll make me look cool.", and she's like, "But it's permanent!", so I respond, "So I'll be permanently cool, I see no issues with this."
  19. I would say milk was intended to be drank, in some form. Not necessarily the milk of other animals, but at least our own milk. Well not our own milk, that's nasty, but like, other members of our species' milk. Anyway, I don't drink energy drinks because they're nasty. I have energy without them.
  20. I'm all for tatoos. Ordinary flesh is so...ordinary, y'know? And sure they can look worse when you're older, but hey, surprise, you'll look worse when you're older. Welcome to aging.
  21. I was playing Warhammer, but it's very difficult and not entertaining to play with no other people, so I stopped a bit to let other people start their characters and level a bit.
  22. I don't know who to vote for. Everyone says everyone is terrible and I have no reason to trust one over the other. I guess Obama seems like a bit less of a dick. That "I forgot how many houses I own." stunt wasn't exactly great for publicity.
  23. I love me some thin crust pizza, but don't say it should be cheaper. Does it take less dough? Yes, it does, obviously. But it's HORRIBLE to work with! Seriously, it's a complete pain in the ass trying to stretch such a small amount of dough. I'm not a hug fan of the bread of the pizza, though. Thin crust pizza is like crackers with pizza crap on them. For the record, too much sauce is bad, too, cause I'm not normally a fan of red sauce. Pretty much just on pizza.
  24. I've got it bookmarked at the portal so I can see the news. It's not normally stuff I care about, usually minor MAME updates or something, but I still need to check if it's something more useful.
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