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  1. I am so gonna watch it .. local mag gives it hype review.
  2. The ratio of 9 members to 100+ guest is ... I wish more will at least reply to some threads instead of lurking around like me ( Yeah I'm a bad example ) to make the forum more lively ..
  3. YES Occurred because laptop shut itself suddenly and skipping all the chkdsk made my iTunes library empty wtf :/
  4. Hahaha I traveled to the great US of A when I was absent to correct my unfathomable Engrish Well I kinda forgot my old user ID and pass so ... no more TIDUS But yep Imma still here Oh yeah kdash I can still remember you :P:P
  5. Guess I forgot my password and it was time for me to move on Well I see after so many years you homies still remember me ! Hahaha. This forum still kickass.\ o /
  6. What a scene.. I swear my plastic ramen cup doesn't change its color after use.
  7. Seems like my memory's failing me but I certainly do remember someone with your avatar And glad to see my old friends become mods and admins. Congrats.
  8. FFTA2. I'm only at the beginning and this game f*cking rules.
  9. Well thank you for your welcome ! And so I am looking at my previous post and it occured to me that it made me look like a friggin puss. Hahaha.
  10. Nothing, in fact I'd forgotten to go school. :S
  11. It's been a few years since I last visited 1emu, and wow ! the whole scene has changed down here. I can still remember some names like GameCop ( Ryu admin ), Agozer ( Well who can forget his walking mummy avatar ?) and IJTFCinder ( Unsure if he's still here though ).Not sure if anyone remembers my old username ( Tidus ), well I'll just lurk around. Glad to know ya' all.
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