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  1. Am I the only one who liked Diablo because of the gameplay, rather than the art and lore?
  2. Also, about the polygons. Blizzard purposely keeps the hardware requirements of their games to a minmum. Too many developers push the limits of graphics with their games, to the point that most people can't play them. Blizzard avoids that symptom as though it were AIDS.
  3. Yeah, didn't see the link. Even looking at that though, I don't see bright yellow and orange. I see a very pale yellow attached to a dirty leathery brown. If you changed his skin color to green, he would be an orc, that is correct. Not that there are things that doesn't apply to, but I can't say you're wrong.
  4. Yes, I am. Are you suggesting my eyesight is poor? Because it is. I can link a picture of the barbarian, though. There it is. Brown. Then some fleshy colors for his flesh. If you could please highlight the yellow and orange, I'd appreciate it. My WoWsight can't tell the difference.
  5. So they should've gone into the graphics options and turned down the gamma a little? My god, how did they screw up so badly? The contrast and gamma just hide the problems with the current approach. Too few polygons, and textures that are not made to look real. Compare that Barbarian's shoulders with anything from WoW. It's the same style. There is no texture to them, no aging, no stains or battle wear. They are just bright yellow and bright orange- that sort of contrast you only get in a cartoon, not in real life and certainly not in the kind of gothic art direction the previous Diablo games went for. I am seeing neither bright yellow nor bright orange. I see brown with black shading. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  6. So they should've gone into the graphics options and turned down the gamma a little? My god, how did they screw up so badly?
  7. We've had no end of problems trying to connect to XBox LIVE during the past several months, but my brother went out and bought the Orange Box for the 360 to play TF2. Currently, while testing the connection, we get up to IP Address, where it fails. We've tried all the stuff in the More Info screen, but nothing works. Any suggestions?
  8. Well, the graphics are good, I'll give it that. Still though, if they remove fatalities, they're gonna have to really step up the rest of the gameplay, because it was sub par in previous titles.
  9. I've never eaten Pocky. Probably won't, either, unless it becomes a common item in America.
  10. My thoughts are that I don't care. They're just going to tell us in two days, I'm not going to try to decipher hidden cryptic messages. It's amazing that people find stuff like this, though. Who out there actually searched through the code for a second picture?
  11. It's slow, boring, and very harsh on solo players. During the game, I leveled warrior to 10 and monk to 20. In my time going from 1 to 20, I went from auto attacking rabbits and goblins until one of us died, to auto attacking rabbits and goblins until one of us died after spending a decade trying to find a party. From what I've heard from my higher level friends, this is the game, up until level 75, which feels like it could take months. I'm not about to say WoW doesn't have problems. It has tons of problems. I just enjoy it more due to more engaging combat, some sense of purpose while levelling, and the ability to play by myself if I feel like it.
  12. I started playing WoW, because FFXI frustrated me.
  13. A lot of the reason I enjoy hentai is because it isn't real. You're right Gamecop, these things don't happen in real life, but if I wanted something that happened in real life, I wouldn't need to make it up. Reality is boring. Also, there's nothing better than linking your friends a picture of a woman shooting lasers out of her tits. Priceless.
  14. I don't believe in love. I agree with your teacher completely. It's not some magical force that binds people together, it's an electro chemical reaction telling you to mate.
  15. Perhaps this is the truth behind the incident.
  16. Oh, man. I love Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan. Amazing crap. This show defines super robot anime to a T. A must see if you're interested in super robots at all.
  17. The internet is such a wonderful place to be. lol
  18. Yeah, I can see poor treatment of foreign countries, and wars started for the wrong reasons, and finished for different wrong reasons, being the fault of Bush. I can't immediately blame this on Bush, though. At best Bush let it by or gave it a small push, this is the MPAA's fault, and they should be taken down. Bush is done in a year anyway. Hopefully we'll have someone decent in office (Obama plug).
  19. I'd go with that. Sounds fun. It'd make a good movie. Dude has one week to live so he tries to kill everyone for some reason.
  20. It wasn't ice. It was salt. It disappeared because some Martians removed it. Gotta have their salt, y'know.
  21. I've heard worse things than a goal to have a child, even if they are a bit young. The 24 year old homeless guy, though? Sounds pretty desperate. And what about the half of the pregnancies that didn't come about due to a pact? I think something's up.
  22. Shouldn't you post the review immediately, rather than saying you'll post it later?
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