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  1. Okay, you're scared. You know I can own your ass. Nice decision, David. Hide in your house. A generic dude with a boring life, being 30+ and playing with emulators. No, thanks anyway. Just only a job and a family. That's not really big. You will be doing the same in your 40s. Your life must be a big adventure Wow David, you are awesome. Do you think I really care for that stuff? The last time I used an emulator was in 2007, and the last time I played video games was four months ago. I don't care about that stuff anymore. There are better things to do. You should try that. A sad person? I have a decent job, a lot of friends, a lot of parties, a lot of relationships. Do you think it's really sad? I love it. Why don't you check what happened in your life? What did you lose forever? That's sad (LOL). Very interesting, David. Of course, you're already a daddy, who looks like a 50 years old man. You were the one who started to talk about me here. Why? Because your role here is being an attention whore.
  2. Because it was fun. People pay a lot of attention to female members, mainly on a forum related to video games. And no, I'm not gay.
  3. Not even close? I took it 2 minutes ago. Daddy, go back with your wonderful PlayStation 3 video game system. Looks photochopped to me, but whatever. That aside, if you bring my personal life into here again for flaming purposes, I'm going to have to talk to Gamecop. I don't think he'd find your sense of humor too funny (and you know what I'm talking about). Fine. Do you wanna meet me in real life? Tell me where, and I will be there. So you will see I'm the same person from the pictures. photoshopped too? No problem.
  4. Not even close? I took it 2 minutes ago. Daddy, go back with your wonderful PlayStation 3 video game system.
  5. Just only busy with real life, job, parties, etc. I don't have enough time lately. I will come back
  6. Sonic Adventure games Phantasy Star Online Grandia 2 Skies of Arcadia Shenmue games
  7. iq_132 is mad because he didn't get the privileges of being featured at emu-lmao
  8. http://www.emu-lmao.tk/ I thought they were going to put something funny, it's fake and not funny
  9. Congratulations, your PSP lost its virginity! I imagine you're going to put a lot of emulators and apps there, right?
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