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  1. http://torrentfreak.com/swedish-left-party...-piracy-080609/ We're gettin' there!
  2. Even if you ignore the motion sensing portions of the Wiimote, the two halves of the controller being separate is a step forward, I think. It allows for more freedom. No longer are your hands tied together like a prisoner! Be free! Also, when I say diverse, I refer the different control schemes you can use. Most games allow you to play with just the Wiimote, the Wiimote nunchuck combo, the "classic" controller, or a Gamecube controller. Finally, you don't have to upgrade computers that often. Maybe every four or five years. About the life of a console.
  3. I vote the Wii. It has the most games exclusive to the platform due to its innovative and diverse control schemes. Online is free, even if it does have a few flaws (I've never personally noticed them). It's the cheapest of the consoles, costing as little as a third as the PS3 did at release. It also has a backlog of titles from across various Nintendo platforms, unlike the PS3 having no backwards compatibility and the 360 having limited compatibility(possibly full, but I swear I remember a few games not working right). Third party games are going to open up really quickly, too, with Wii Ware or whatever it's called. I remember Square-Enix releasing something that became ridiculous popular very quickly. The PS3 is last, because most of its games are on the 360, and the 360 is second because most of its games are on the PC. Neither have any real innovation, unless you consider Blu-Ray innovation, and hey, if you have the flawless eyesight required to appreciate Blu-Ray, more power to ya. I do have to give props to X-Box Live. It requires payment, which is a bummer, but it has a nice list of features that have already been covered in this thread. Last I heard, the PS3 Home wasn't even finished yet. If the PC were a choice, it'd be first, but it's not really a console. You can't really beat the versatility and power of a PC, though.
  4. Japanese laws of physics. The strength of an attack is directly proportional to the volume at which you announce its full and complete name.
  5. I'm all for PC ports. I like my PC, everything should just be on the PC, it'd be great.
  6. Call of the Honorable Medal of Duty is getting to be a really old genre.
  7. Good luck, man. Hope you and your family pull through this without any injuries.
  8. The thing I cared most about in that massive list was the price reduction, which I honestly had not heard about yet. I still don't want one, but it's almost an okay purchase if enough decent games come out on it in the future.
  9. If there had been a warning label explaining that I wasn't supposed to dry my cat in the microwave, it never would have died! I demand compensation!
  10. You should write letters to your dudes, too. Tell 'em they need to start gunning down Americans. They'll be all over the idea, trust me.
  11. Yeah, I'm depressed, it's really hot and there are bugs and plants popping up everywhere. I'd go take a walk, but that's only going to make me notice it more. Not that I could choose not to walk, I don't really have a choice.
  12. The NES and SNES are emulatable on almost everything. Most notably the PC, which can pretty easily be plugged into a nice big screen with an authentic controller and played properly.
  13. http://www.gamestop.com/Catalog/ProductDet...roduct_id=71317 Oh, wait, no, this is crap, not Spore, my bad.
  14. Go die. It's win either way. Sorry but if I die, the world loses its reason to exist. Whereas if Chibi-style dies, a great many tards die along with it. So yeah, lose-lose for first option, win-win for second. Wasn't the second option suggested you dying?
  15. That wasn't the topic, that's still talking about the PSP. I'll go on topic here a moment. Final Fantasy IV was bad even as Final Fantasy goes, and the third or fourth remake isn't going to be any better than the other ones.
  16. I have no idea what those are, but okay. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
  17. I've left my DS on sleep for days at a time before coming back and playing again, so I don't think that's a large problem. :\ The PSP might have a better ratio of good games to crappy ones, but the DS has like ten times the games to begin with. Sure, most people don't want the series of dog training games, but it's not hard to just gloss over them. Looking over your list of pros, I can really cross off everything up until CFW, whatever that is. All that other stuff I'm not really interested in for a handheld. I don't even care that it's handheld, really, because I don't travel a whole lot. Anyway, where do I get the PSP memory cards at? I haven't seen them before.
  18. I had all sorts of pirated game on the Dreamcast, but I had a ton for the PSX, too. Haven't done the same recently, but I know of many people who do. So no, piracy didn't kill the Dreamcast.
  19. Get a transparent screen protector sticker, a memory card as big as you can afford and a custom firmware. I can help you with that. And you'll soon see why the PSP is so great. After fixing all the problems yourself it's great? I don't know how I feel about that.
  20. What's a DDoS? Anything you could identify?
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