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  1. QFT. QFT, for sure. Just said this via IM. I remember there was a vegan commercial that said sausage makes you unable to have an erection or something. I ask you a question. Do you eat sausage, and if so, do you have erections? That's what I thought.
  2. I'm not actually reading that whole list, but Black Lagoon is good.
  3. It looks like all the other 3d Sonic games. Which is good, because most of them were good. I sorta suck at all of them, I'm kind of a slow person, but they're good.
  4. I haven't actually tried Firefox 3 yet. There's nothing wrong with 2. I only switched to Firefox because everyone said Internet Explorer sucks. Which I won't argue, it probably does, but I may never have figured that out on my own.
  5. Alright man, thanks. Just one last small question... (lol) is there anyone to save? There are people starving in Africa. You could start there. Hehe, damn typos. I mean is there anyWAY to save? There is a way to save yes. I don't remember what it was, but I know I've saved before. Have you gotten any in-game errors about not having a VMU or anything?
  6. Alright man, thanks. Just one last small question... (lol) is there anyone to save? There are people starving in Africa. You could start there.
  7. I've seen this before, but in a different form. I think it was called Moral Combat or something.
  8. You are mistaken. Failure of this magnitude is worth many laughs.
  9. Is it really illegal? I'm pretty sure downloading the music files in their original form has never been prosecuted.
  10. Played through Bioshock this weekend. It was amazing. I found no flaws.
  11. I played Shenmue, I wasn't impressed. I quickly got lost and frustrated and never entered combat. The dialogue is still hilarious, though, and so was this.
  12. I ought to mod my PS2, also. I haven't been able to find Fatal Frame nearby, and I've wanted to finish that for a long while.
  13. I would agree, though I'll also point at that the majority of the jobs available are either useless or strictly inferior to the others. I remember playing through it, and as I reached the end, I got fed up with all the jobs I was getting that just weren't worth using.
  14. He was pretty awesome, but they're really going overboard on covering his death. Somewhere out there are other topics you could report about.
  15. Well Wii has the same capacity for BC as the PS3- entirely software. It emulates all its VC systems in software, just like the PS3 does. In fact, the original PS3 units had hardware BC, which was even better. It can run Gamecube discs.
  16. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to put them back on there, I don't see the problem.
  17. I totally thought the title of this thread was Puppy Throwing Machine. I was disappointed to learn that it was actually about the bag in Iraq that likes to torture small animals. Then I was happy again because he got sacked. I'm not exactly a PETA member, but there's just no excuse for that.
  18. I was never one to pay attention to professional sports. I enjoy playing them now and again, but watching them is just boring as hell. Not to mention the annoying fans running around yelling weird crap.
  19. Well flock Sony. People shouldn't need approval from another company to release a product that happens to be compatible with theirs.
  20. I love that game! Got ya. Music, gameplay, adventure, mood - Creepy. I was playing FFXI before I went to sleep, but now it's crashing when it tries to install an update, which is crap. Oh, wait, there it goes. Yeah, a couple friends decided I should play, so I joined them for some Vana'diel adventuring or what have you. It's not great, but it's not quite so terrible that it's a waste of my time. At least you can play it windowed now, it used to be coded to shut down if you alt-tabbed. Which was crap, but there were third party programs to get around it. If anyone wants to join me, I'm McLargehuge the Tarutaru on the Quetzalcoatl server.
  21. Those would be them, yes. As I said, the system's apparent inferiority stems almost entirely from developers who just don't get it. you should use your wonder twin powers with Gouken to show the world what Konami, Capcom, Sega, Rockstar , ect, ect can not. use those cores for the real ultimate power. I hope the PS3 is actually a transformer.
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