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  1. Some people have problems embedding, I don't remember the details. On the topic of why we're arguing again, it's about what to purchase. Some people don't own either console and only want to purchase one, some people own one and want to verify that their purchase was the better choice and they made the right decision. This is the sort of thing that sparks these arguments.
  2. Not arguing about things takes away something to do. Do I actually care which system is more powerful? No, I care about price and what games are on it. On that front, the PS3 is more expensive and has nothing on it, so I don't like it. Doesn't actually mean it's bad, either, I just don't like it.
  3. I'm honestly not a fan of any of the movies in like the top 50 there. I enjoyed the Dark Knight and Star Wars, not that much. And most of those movies I despise.
  4. That was an incredibly long amount of time for me to listen to nerd speak, but hey, he says the 360 is better at everything except CD storage (I will continue to call them CD's unless you convince me either that they are not compact or that they are not discs). I can't argue that, either. Blu-Ray holds more data than DVDs.
  5. I'll assume your question was about whether the slot-2 device is for Lite only? Yes, the slot-2 device included with the M3 DS Real is for DS Lites only. It will not fit in an old, fat DS. That was my question, yes. I thought it was pretty clear, but thanks for answering, regardless.
  6. I feel like going back and playing all three now.
  7. I think it looks cool, it will be on PC though, right? I wouldn't play it on the 360 or PS3.
  8. So I ended up buying it from DealExtreme, it's still en route, though. I have a question about the Slot-2 device. From the way it's shaped, it looks like it'll only fit into a DS Lite. I don't have a problem with buying a DS Lite, it means I can give my old DS to someone, but I sort of need to know if it'll fit.
  9. Are you positive Gambit isn't included? I didn't think it was finished yet.
  10. House of the Dead 2 & 3 for the Wii. Had an issue calibrating at first, but after that it was really fun. I like not having to buy multiple light guns to play two player, too.
  11. I'm all for characters that are a bit underpowered being included for comedic value. It's only a problem when one character is unarguably superior to all of the others.
  12. I can almost see Jim Carey working in the part. Creepy.
  13. I played MvC2 mostly on the PS2, but I recently played it emulated on the PC. It's still really fun, though I wish some of the 52 characters were unlocked faster. Working up an amount of points so you can afford a randomly generated number of randomly generated character selection is a bit annoying.
  14. Yes, this. A few people I know despise winter, and I don't completely understand it. The heat and sun during summer is just painful and depressing. I long for the world where it's always winter but never Christmas.
  15. I got a DS because there were good games on it that I was willing to pay 30$ for. I bought my M3DS something acronym because I'm a pirate. Some people are into homebrew, that's great, I just don't want to have to shell out 40$ for games that I'll probably be disappointed with. Side Note: Free air mail from Hong Kong is not a fast way to receive products.
  16. Yeah, looks pretty good. I don't have a lot to say about it, but it looks pretty good. I gave up on arguing points of classic vs. whatever just came out, so hey, Wolverine wants a symbiote? Good for him. Looks pretty.
  17. Except there's more than one of us who thinks you're nuts, so we're not really outcast.
  18. I don't care either. At all.
  19. Dude, come on, Mortal Kombat has been filled with authentic martial arts from the get go. Like teleportation, freezing people in place with balls of magical ice, and the classic ripping someones spine out of their body (every good martial artist knows that one). Name one move here that isn't completely based in reality.
  20. Why are you so pessimistic? It looks good but they're lying? Seriously?
  21. Yeah, you've got a point. I will say one thing, though. A lot of people were bitching about zombies running too fast in the House of the Dead movie, but if you've ever played House of the Dead, that's what they do. House of the Dead doesn't have normal zombies, they have backflipping, hatcet throwing, spetsnaz zombies. I'd give you room to complain that the video games did it wrong, too, but you can't bash the movie for staying true to the source material.
  22. Looks pretty sweet. I didn't have a problem with the live action movies. Horror movies are supposed to be bad, that's what makes them good.
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