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  1. I get pretty confused sometimes about whether something happened or I dreamed it.
  2. I chose Patapon because it was cheap. My brother was offering to sell me his PSP for relatively cheap, is the thing, and I wanted to know how badly he had flocked it up. Then I borrowed it and ran into problems not caused by him, but by Sony. When I say built in save, I mean a hard drive, or cartridges. The thing told me I had to go out and buy a memory card. I realize you can tell it doesn't have a flip screen, that's not something I just discovered. I've never had to patch another system before, though, save my PC, what else does that?
  3. The PSP is terrible. I went out and bought Patapon recently as a cheap game to try a PSP with and the whole thing is some sort of convoluted joke. I can't even tell what some of these buttons are supposed to be, there's no built in save feature, there's no flip screen, which should really come standard these days as a way of keeping the screen clear, and when I put my game in it made me patch the system! It didn't even let me patch the system at first because it had to let the battery charge, even though I was plugged directly into the wall at the time. Also, the Universal Media Disc that only works in one device is still sort of funny.
  4. I'm talkative when others start a conversation, but I'm usually half asleep and listening to music, so it can take some effort.
  5. That's no fun, then we can't argue. Besides, that crap is expensive.
  6. I couldn't get to it from the link, but a Google search of Aeon Genesis got me there fine.
  7. It's all pretty much instant for me. I wouldn't notice it unless they were compared side to side. Maybe not even then. I noticed the downtime, though.
  8. Did the patent expire? Are they even recognized internationally?
  9. I'm fine with my emulators. I don't think I have any of my cartridges left, anyway.
  10. That's really what everyone wants, though.
  11. I reply to jumping with a Captain Corridor. flocking right.
  12. It's not like they're getting any information they don't already have anyway. Half the stuff you write on the card is required to send you the card. And given that your social security number is assigned by the government to begin with...
  13. Don't set your hopes to high, an exclusive is an exclusive. They're selling points for the consumer. So if I wanted Yoda, I'd have to get it for 360, same for PS3. So if people want both characters, they have to get both versions. See how that'll sell more copies then? Only if that consumer owns both consoles. As a purchasable download, they make money from everyone who owns the game.
  14. Mario Kart and Smash Brothers Brawl are both big. There's a big wave of WiiWare or whatever hitting it now, too. I think the other two platforms have something similar, but maybe I'm giving them too much credit. The Wii also has its catalog of older titles. I'm not sure how well that's going for Nintendo, but there are definitely some good games in there.
  15. I'd drop Sony out of it, just to be done with people trying to defend it. In it's place? Uh...Atlus. I'm pretty sure they've never made hardware before, but it'd probably be better than the PS3. Just a cheap system for their multitude of games would be worth buying in my book.
  16. The PS3 had a 100% failure rate. They're all useless. Nearly all of the games are bad or multiplatform. A flaw of the 360, but not the Wii. This goes back to point one. I don't want to spend time installing and streaming Daikatana. Again, 360 flaw, but not the Wii's. Honestly negligible. I didn't notice the difference between VHS and DVD, and I haven't noticed the difference between DVD and blu-ray. This is coming from someone who has owned or had access to all three current consoles. I don't play any of them a ton, but the PS3 was so unentertaining it was sold. I tipped someone off to its existance while I was working backstock at Target, we just sort of had extras (I didn't find a Wii until a year later, for comparison). I suggested they sell it, but instead they kept it. Then after almost not touching it for half a year, they decided to sell it. The first time I tried using it I couldn't even figured out how it worked, which I would consider a flaw. It was certainly easy to figure out how to work a Wii and 360, again, for comparison. Eventually I reached the OS menu and managed to start up a copy of the multiplatform game uh...Marvel something. It was pretty fun, but multiplatform, and the controller felt weird. They do at least have normal controllers in a style that I prefer above the Wii's and 360's. I'll give it that. But until it gets something other than FPS and gritty action games, I'm just not interested. I'm probably not going to buy one anyway, because it's just too expensive to bother.
  17. Pretty much what I think on the PS3. I know I defend the 360 from time to time and hate on the PS3, because let's face it, the PS3 has the worst PR in the world. It's Ridge Racer! Riiiiiidge Racer! I love to hate the PS3, because it's pretty much terrible. I'm not going to right now, though, I'm just going to laugh at it for being worse than the 360, even if only in Beta.
  18. The only person to post in the Memorial Day thread is Australian. Obviously we hold a great deal of pride towards our fallen soldiers.
  19. I heard something something Fire by Disturbed from their new album, that was good. But then, I liked Ten Thousand Fists, too. Anyway. I'm listening to The World Ends With You' soundtrack.
  20. Okay here's how this works. You're playing golf, and there's this duck, right? So you're aiming for the green but instead it hits this duck and it gets all pissed off and starts killing civilians. So then you're trying to throw your clubs at the duck, but they keep missing and you end up hitting more civilians. Then the duck gets more angry because you're killing civilians and calls in its flock to take a big dump on your golf kart. Then there's sort of this grayish area. And that's why Osama was in Iraq.
  21. Because adult eastern women look basically like our ten year olds.
  22. I would definitely agree with that, it goes perfectly with what I was trying to say earlier about culture.
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