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  1. I believe in expanding the arcade!!! But I don't know with what...
  2. What... I thought it was cool... My friend did it to me and I'm like... "Wow that's cool!" But helping me is great too!
  3. IM A COSPLAYER!!! That hurts my feelings! Oh wait...no it doesn't...
  4. Check this out! (This is an OutWar Vote Online Game Link so he attributes more points for the game. If you want to help him win, click it, if not, just read below to see what we have to say about these online games! - Edit: GameCop) http://www.outwar.com/page.php?x=1944812
  5. If more people would just submit to the dark arts, stuff like this would be more common. Claws and retractable wings are easily attainable through demonic channeling! Not that I or any one I know can do it properly...
  6. I have nocturnal eyesight...is that really a super power? I'm so cool!!
  7. I say evil, because I'M evil. And if you want a story where evil wins try Knights of the Old Republic, or Disgaea.
  8. Some basic psychic abilities would be nice... Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Chronokinesis(that one might be a little much) Something else that would be cool...directly interfacing with computers. Like the Otaku from Shadowrun.
  9. Hm, while I'm at it, is there a way to siphon the music from MPEGs and other video formats?
  10. I didn't know where else to ask so I came here. Anyone know how I could burn MIDI's to a CD, if it's possible at all?
  11. Truthfully, I think you should have put clock tower in there. The third one wasn't very scary at all, but I still have nightmares about the Scissorman He's just so scary... The whole game is just incredibly scary... I voted resident evil though, because...I dunno, the babes are hot.
  12. I tried like 10 not knowing how it worked, but the first one I got working was Super Mario All Stars.
  13. ZSnes I got it off Morpheus with a package of 120 some roms. It was here that I discovered Shadowrun, the most incredible RPG ever created. PLAY IT OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!!
  14. Hello, I'm Lord Kanti, and I'm and FLCL addict. I've been on the emulators for a few years now, I use them every day. I emulate NES SNES Genesis and GBA. And I'm cool. Yeah.
  15. I don't know what it's called, I should find it. It's the theme from the 4th stage of Space Channel 5 part 2, when you find Space Michael.
  16. Rhythm Action games You can't go wrong with Space Channel 5 and Gitaroo Man. Why won't people recognize this...
  17. Um, I named myself after him, so I use his avatar. Kanti is so cool.
  18. House of the Dead 2, easily I once spent 40 bucks on it. I always have to pay double too because I use both guns.
  19. What's so bad about the machines takin' Neo somewhere?
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