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  1. Well that doesn't sound right to me, if his name is included in the address, then the person doing the procedure above would find it out. If his name isn't included in his address then adding him will reveal nothing. Correct my logic, it's 8 AM after a sleepless night. His name is already in his address, so he doesn't care that someone can use this exploit to find out what it is.
  2. I think he meant his name was in the address. I'm not all too concerned about someone knowing my name, really.
  3. I wonder if you can get into that mech thing after you throw the pilot out. Game looks awesome.
  4. It's not so bad that it's unplayable. In fact, there isn't really anything better out right now. Warhammer might outdo it, but with those content cuts, I wonder. I'm currently playing Horde on the Akama server, and have some Alliance on Dalvengyr. On topic, this game looks unimpressive. I'm not sure this could get any more generic. It talks of a fancy combat system, but I'm not sure whether it's any good, or even if it's actually unique.
  5. It's already happened, though, hasn't it? I guess it could change yet, maybe, but still.
  6. Others have told me not to, because it's so different I'll have to relearn everything anyway. Thanks for the recommendations, though.
  7. I'm looking to get into programming, possibly pretty seriously, though I don't know too much as is. What's a good compiler for C++? I'm willing to pay for it, but if you have free options, those are cool, too.
  8. Looks pretty good, I'm almost always enjoy a survival horror game, and this one doesn't look like it's crippled itself.
  9. You don't already? Game looks pretty good. I don't think it's some amazing 5 star game like some people hype it up to be, but it looks worth playing.
  10. I've used nothing but Winamp for playing music for years and years. What problem are you having with it that you want something else?
  11. Why can't he be Dr. Kramer? Or we could come up with another name! Let's create another name for our resident doctor! He'll always be Dr. Klaw to me.
  12. You've got generic humans, generic insect aliens, and generic super human psychic religious race. The last one is less generic than the other two, but definitely done in several places before. As per the content slashing. I think it's a pretty serious blow to the game. I think enough people will send them angry letters that they'll put at least the classes back in, even if the classes aren't really amazing. Also, yes, it's a lot like WoW. A lot of good features were taken from WoW, and a lot of bad features were avoided. This is the same thing WoW did when it came out, taking the basic MMO game and altering some of the frustration out of it.
  13. God it's hot, I can't stand it. Had to spend a half hour in something like 100 degree (Fahrenheit) heat. I'm just glad I'm home now.
  14. Do you have some sort of grudge against Zophar Gamecop?
  15. Even if you did get a RRoD, Microsoft is very prompt about fixing it for you. We had no problem sending ours in and getting it back.
  16. I'm playing Legends of Norrath, the Everquest based online only card game. It's really fun, I'm lovin' it. I haven't even purchased cards yet, I'm still having fun with just the scenarios.
  17. Hey, Tales of Symphonia is a good third party title for the Wii. Just throwing that out there.
  18. I've only done shrooms once, but I can attest to them being totally awesome. I've never felt that good in my life (from a drug).
  19. Divineo looks goods, that's where I was before. Even has a buy in bulk option. I might toss the idea to The Basement, see if anyone else wants one.
  20. Yeah, definitely great graphics, I was impressed. The video in embedded the thread doesn't do it justice, though.
  21. Can I get a link to this best game ever? I've never heard of it, and the name intrigues me.
  22. I was only going by what was in the video, which counted at about 12 from my memory. 24 seems decent enough, though.
  23. What's a trustworthy site to order an M3DS Real package from? I'm not sure what the rumble cart is, but I definitely want the GBA cart with it.
  24. Magic: The Gathering. I would be content playing nothing but that forever. Unless they stopped releasing new sets, then I might get bored eventually. As it is, though, sets are released almost too quickly.
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