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  1. I expect Korea to live up to its reputation from 2002. I hope they do well against France especially.
  2. I know there has to be one or two Naruto collectiors in here. I'm looking for the Anbu episodes between 95-107. I be much gratiful if you guys could help me get my hands on those. Thanks so much.
  3. I feel so bad, thanks once again Gryph. = /
  4. Hm it's right after the opening cinematic. It asks you to press start but there's the "HUMMMMMMM," sound. >_<.
  5. Sorry especially to Gryphonklaw. I tried looking for the GGX:Reloaded english patch all over the net but couldn't find it. Would you mind giving it to me again? Bleh so sorry about that or telling me where I could find the patch? Also on another note, I was wondering if there is a patch to GGX:Isuka? And for those who played it, in the beginning screen, do you guys hear that obxnious humming sound? Is that suppose to be normal? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hmm ok. Then could you at least tell me the file size? Bleh thanks for the help Agozer, I'll try looking for it elsewhere.
  7. Ok this is the error message I got while installing the game.
  8. So I was able to find a copy of Guilty Gear Isuka and I tried installing it but failed. It says something about a bin file and it keeps coming up over and over again. I checked to see if the file was there and its there. Bleh if anybody installed it successfully, mind helping me? And I asked this long time ago, but could you guys upload the english patch for reloaded? I seem to have deleted it again... sorry.
  9. Trying to read this emulation site that has some files that I need, they seem to talk about BitComet, but not sure how to download it.
  10. Each one opens and has a folder inside with the files. Each of the.rar files seems to have the same type of files but the file sizes are different in which means that the.rar files aren't the same. Hmm.. and another question, does anybody here know how to read chinese?
  11. I've tried almost every possibe ways I know of and ended up with nothing. In the picture, look at the top right side, there are files called; kof2k2m2.part1.rar and up till 5. Does that mean it was split or not? Thanks once again.
  12. Hello, so I have 3 different rar files. How can I put them back together? They came in 3 different parts. Thanks in advance.
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